Arte Season 2 Release Date

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Arte is a Drama/Slice of Life anime about a noblewoman from the 16 th century who leaves her position to become an artist in Renaissance-era Florence. Season 1 was premiered by Funimation, the licensing studio.

It has been praised for its original approach and feminist themes. Arte is not only a novel painter, but also a female artist. It also aims to build strong female friendships. Arte receives support not only from Leo, but from other women who recognize her talent her.

Arte is based upon a manga by Kei Okhubo. It was published as a serialization of Monthly Comic Zenon in October 2013. There are currently 16 volumes. Only 3 volumes have been translated into English.

Arte Season 2 Release Date


Arte Season 1 aired between April 4 th2020 and June 20 th in 2020. There were 12 episodes. Although Season 2 is not confirmed, the series has high ratings and the manga still has many stories to cover, it’s possible there will be another season. Many speculate that Season 2 could come as soon as 2022 as the manga contains enough material for another season. Seven Arcs Studio, a relatively new studio, has animated Arte, one of the most beloved animes. As they establish a reputation, they will most likely want to keep it going.

Arte Season 1 Release Date April 4, 2020
Arte Season 2 Release Date Not Announced

Arte Season 1 Review


Florence undergoes a cultural and artistic renewal in the 16th century as it experiences the Renaissance. Arte Spaaletti is a beautiful young woman from an aristocratic background. She dreams of becoming an artist and contributing to the revitalization of civilization. Her father her is supportive and recognizes her talent her. He pays the best teachers and encourages her. Her father’s death her leaves her without a supporter. To protect her family ‘s reputation her, her mother her demands that she marry a nobleman. She also needs to be a genteel householdwife. Arte refuses to accept her fate her and takes to the streets to find a master craftsman who will train her as an apprentice.

Arte is faced with a hard reality when she attempts to find a mentor. She is completely rejected as a female artist. No one believes women can be of high quality and therefore, nobody wants to accept Arte. Leo, a well-known artisan, accepts Arte as his disciple his. Arte begins a new life far removed from her aristocratic heritage her. Arte must earn her keep her as an apprentice and overcome many obstacles on her path to master artisan.

Arte Season 2 Characters


Arte Spaaletti, a young noblewoman and sheiress who leaves her comfort zone to follow her dreams of becoming an artist. She is the protagonist and is voiced in English by seiyuu MikakoKomatsu (who also voices Maki Zen’in in Jujutsu Kaisen).

Leo, a well-known artisan, takes on Arte partly because he is under pressure to have apprentices and partly because Arte reminds him of his own past from his time of trying to make a name for himself after a life of homelessness. The seiyuu KatsuyukiKonishi voices him (Diavolo, Jonathan Joestar and Tengen Uzui in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure : Golden Wind from Demon Slayer : Kimetsu yaiba). Gianni Matragrano is an English voice actor. However, he gained fame for his memes in which he imitated multiple celebrities’ voices.

The show’s main cast consists of these two, but there are other characters such as Angelo Parker (Japanese seiyuu Junya Enoki, a dubbing artist for Tom Holland and English voice actor: Wayne Grayson: Yugioh! Duel Monsters), a sculptor’s apprentice who falls in love with Arte and Veronica (Japanese Siyuu, Sayaka Oharo in Fairy Tale, Erza Scarlet, English Voice Actor Erica Schroeder and Nurse Joy in Pokemon), a famous and wealthy courtesan who admires Arte’s artistic talents.

Where can I watch Arte Online?


Funimation can stream Arte. The service is currently not available in India. Funimation has Arte only available for streaming in the United States and Canada. It is not yet clear when the streaming service will be available for Indian audiences.

Arte Season 2 Release Date: When does it premiere?


The first season of ‘Arte’ premiered on April 4, 2020. It aired 12 episodes and ended on June 20, 2020. The manga series with the same name has 12 volumes. This adaptation was adapted from the original. Two volumes have been published by the mangaka that is its source every year. The creators of the show have five more volumes worth content to adapt the manga into anime. The creators of the show have plenty of content to renew the series, thanks to Kei Ohkubo, the mangaka.

Arte is a popular anime and has received a positive rating on many forums and platforms. Although it has received a low rating, anime viewers still love its feminist and motivational themes. Seven Arcs, a relatively new studio to the game with only a handful of titles under its belt, animated ‘Arte. Despite this, many anime have been produced by the studio in multiple seasons.

It seems unlikely that the studio will miss the chance to invest in another season of ‘Arte’, as it is one of its most beloved creations. At this stage, it seems that ‘Arte has a good chance to be renewed. We can expect Arte Season 2 to be released sometime in 2022 if the mangaka from the anime source is able publish three more volumes before the end of 2021. You can still enjoy similar anime.

What is the Plotline of Arte and what can be the Next?


The series’ story takes place in Florence during the most vibrant periods of Renaissance. Arte is a beautiful young lady who loves art and wants to be a part of the rise of civilization. Things do n’t turn out the way Arte hoped after his father’s passing her. His father her, who was his strongest supporter of his work her, has died. He is devastated. Arte must now marry a nobleman to become a housewife. Arte, a strong girl, decides that she will seek out an artist master on the streets rather than this road.

Arte is an exclusionary woman because of her gender. Leo, a well-known master, accepted Arte as his student his. Arte faces a difficult road as he tries to master the art, and must earn enough money to survive. Arte was back in Florence when we last saw the anime and met his master his. Arte sought out a larger boss after Leo advised her about his ambitions. She begins to learn and develop to become a better master. Veronica advises him to quit Arte and seek a new master. Arte is called by Rome and receives an unusual offer. Irene, a Spanish aristocrat who is connected to the Cardinal, is a successful Spanish aristocrat. Arte can paint a portrait for a Princess. How will she react to this offer? What role does Arte play in shaping the future of Irene’s family? Season 2 will hopefully answer this question.



As at May 3, 2021: The Arte anime has not yet been renewed to air a second season.

  • This post now includes a comparison of anime and manga adaptations. (December 5, 2020)
  • Information on disc sales for the first season have been added. (May 3, 2020)

Seven Arcs, the Japanese anime production house responsible for the series’ production, has not shared any information regarding the production of the second series. The manga for the series is still not complete. All preparations must be completed within a minimum of one year.

Although there is no official announcement for the next season, we don’t believe it will be possible based on our speculation. This is mainly because it is not well-received and doesn’t sell discs.

We will notify you again as soon as an official statement is made.



Arte or Arute, as it’s known in Japan is a TV version of the manga written and illustrated by Kei Ohkubo. The manga series began broadcasting on October 25, 2013. It is still being produced today. Because the manga is the only source material for the anime, the manga’s continuation will increase the chances of the next season.

The manga has had 14 volumes so far. The last volume was released January 20, 2021. Monthly Comic Zenon magazine published the original manga. Some of the manga were translated into English by Media Do, an English Publisher. Only the first three volumes have been published.

Arte’s manga anime covers 37 chapters. This is the middle volume’s eighth volume. We can see the anime in the middle manga. This means that there is plenty of material to make a second season. If you’re interested, you can read the manga beginning with the 8th volume.

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The average anime sales will remain at over 4,000 per season. Disc sales are less valuable than they were in the past due to increased exclusive distributors. However, this is a key factor in Japan’s popularity. It sold 2 volumes of discs and was the lowest-selling anime in 2020’s first season. It sold 211 units in its first volume, and 222 in its second volume. These sales figures make it almost impossible to produce a second season.


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