Attack on Titan Episode 427, “Retrospective”

The battle at the harbor rages on. Annie and Reiner transform into Titans to tip the scales in our heroes’ favor, but they are given some troubling news by the Azumabito engineers. As the fighting continues, Falco feels called upon to use his newly obtained powers his. It’s a bloody affrair in this week’s episode of Attack on Titan, “Retrospective.”

So, about that troubling news the Azumabito engineers share at the top of the episode: it seems that they need an entire day to service the flying boat — half a day if they work fast — meaning that there’s no way the gang can catch Eren before he gets his genocidal rampage underway. Lady Kiyomi suggests they tow the flying boat to the nearby costal city of Odiha so the engineers can work on it without being harried by the Yeagerists. The mission remains the same: load everyone onto the ship and take off, in one piece if possible.

When it comes to analysis, there isn’t much for me to say this week, because it’s basically just a big ‘ol action sequence. I loved it, and Attack on Titan is always really good about making every fight unique. Here, because Eren removed the Titans’ ability to harden, Annie and Reiner are more vulnerable than we’re used to. The Thunder Spears quickly make Swiss cheese out of them, but the two provide enough cover for Hange and Magath to get everyone safely aboard the boat.

We also have some great animation as Mikasa takes out Yeagerists with the quick movements and brutal efficiency she’s become known for. At one point Mikasa has these two soldiers speared together, which is enough to kill them, but then she really takes it to Doom Glory Kill levels by detonating their equipment and standing action hero still as their blood rains over her.

Geez, Mikasa. Over doing it today, are we? Although you could say that blowing them to kingdom come was necessary; all the Yeagerists surrender after that.


Falco debuts his Jaw Titan

But I’m jumping ahead. Before the day is won, Annie and Reiner struggle to withstand the blast of Thunder Spears. This prompts Falco to try and transform himself into the Jaw Titan. It takes the fledgeling a while to get it done, but he finally manages it. Sure, he almost bites Pieck’s head off, but the enthusiasm is there.

The last thing I want to touch on is the ending. Our heroes get safely aboard and off to sea, with the exception of Magath, who elects to stay behind to “hold the rear.” He aims to destroy the still-docked Marleyan cruiser, which could catch up to the gang as they sail to Odiha. Joined by Shadis (a bit of a sudden appearance, but I’ll allow it), the two reminisce before blowing up the boat, sacrificing themselves. I really dug their convo. It’s fitting that these two get a moment together before the end, since they’re the educational figureheads of Eldian and Marleyan youth. It’s emotional, especially for Magath, and gives us that dose of bittersweetness that comes with every victory in Attack on Titan.

And that’s “Retrospective.” I think my only complaint is the episode title. Not much retrospection going on, unless we count the lives of many Yeagerists flashing before their eyes as they die, but we aren’t privy to those backstories. But seriously, a great episode over all. Hot hot action, dramatic entrances, dramatic exits.

Grade: A

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