Attack On Titan Fans Would Love To Watch These Similar Anime Series

Are you looking for some good anime to watch after Attack On Titan? Here’s the list of a few which resemble the show’s concept.

It’s about time to say goodbye to Attack On Titan. With these four seasons, AOT has given us the time of our lives we will never forget. Of course, we all would love to watch the best scenes from Attack On Titan from time to time, but what we experienced when we first saw those scenes is beyond explanation. we know Attack On Titan was a real gem, and it’s hard to find something like this again. But after good research, we have a list of anime prepared that AOT fans would definitely love to try.

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1. Black Bullet

This anime has too much resemblance to Attack On Titan. Humanity suffering, walls, supernatural powers to the selected few, specialized team for fighting just like Survey Corps, and much more. The best part about Black Bullet is that the anime ended in 2014. So you don’t have to wait for the new episodes and new seasons.

The anime shows the world in 2021, where humanity suffers from a virus known as Gastrea. To keep themselves alive, people live within the walls created with a substance known as Varanium. This metal is the only known cure for Gastrea. Soon, the females born with the Gastrea virus started to gain supernatural abilities. In order to fight the infection, an organization known as Civil Securities is formed, which is later joined by Rentarō Satomi, the main protagonist of the series.

2. Code Geass

If you love Attack On Titan for its political issues, action scenes, long history connected to current events, and unexpected plot twists, then Code Geass should be the next anime on your list. The main protagonist of the show, Lelouch, will remind you of Eren Yeager. Some fans would consider Lelouch as a hero, and to others, he is nothing more than an evil villain.

Lelouch is a prince whose mother was brutally murdered in the palace. Witnessing this horrific scene with her own eyes, Lelouch ‘s sister her, Nunnally, gets so terrified that she loses her ability to walk and her eyesight her. Now Lelouch’s only motive in life is to punish his mother’s murderers and create a better world where his sister can live happily.

3. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Watching this anime, you will get the deja vu because the theme of Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress matches a lot with AOT. Just like Eldians protect themselves behind the walls, a fortress is the savior of humanity here. In AOT, humans turn into man-eating titans, and here, they turn into Kabane, ferocious monsters who eat humans. Another similarity between the two shows is the starting of the anime. just like in AOT, Kabane breaks the fortress to erase humanity. Interestingly, both Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress and the first three seasons of AOT are made by WIT studio.


The story of this anime revolves around a young boy named Ikoma, who turns into a human and Kabane hybrid, known as Kabaneri, while testing an anti-Kabane weapon. He is assisted by another Kabaneri and others on his journey to fight the Kabane monsters.

4. Claymore

Claymore has a cult following of its own and is highly famous among anime fans. But if you don’t know much about it, and you love Attack On Titanthen you shouldn’t skip Claymore. The gruesome fighting scenes, sad history, friendship, plot twists, everything from the anime resembles AOT.

Clare is the main protagonist of the show, and she appears in a village that has been attacked by Yoma, a flesh-eating demon. Clare is a Claymore, a being who is half human and half Yoma, and she uses her exceptional fighting skills to wipe out these evil monsters. With nowhere else to go, Raki, a boy saved by Clare, follows her to help her in the mission to kill Yoma monsters.

5. Fate/Apocrypha

The prominent resemblance between the two shows is the fact that viewers might lose sight of what’s right or wrong. Political hatred, lust for more power, fight among the communities, and there are several other factors that Fate/Apocrypha and Attack On Titan have in common.

You will love the storyline this show follows. An ancient relic known as the Holy Grail can fulfill any wish that one longs for. Magi’s, also known as the masters, summon the spirits to obtain the Holy Grail, which starts the Holy Grail War. But to everyone’s surprise, the Holy Grail somehow disappears, which the clan Yggdmillennia claims to possess after many years. This claim starts the war again, and this time, a greater one.


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