Attack on Titan Is Ready to Debut the Heels of Fans’ Dreams

Attack on Titan hasn’t given much of an opportunity for its characters to be “fancy,” with the war between the island of Paradis and the nation of Marley continuing to rage in the final season with a massive twist. As the series finale is set to arrive next year in 2023, a new line of designer shoes is set to pattern itself from some of the biggest soldiers of the Scout Regiment to help in getting fans hyped for the final installations of the franchise.

The six pairs of shoes from Mayla Classic will be patterned after the killer Ackermann of the Scout Regiment, along with the likes of Eren, Armin, Hange, Erwin, and Levi each getting their own pair of uniquely designed shoes. While the Scouts hardly got the opportunity to take a breather, let alone attend any fancy events as both the Titans and the nation of Marley descended upon them throughout the series, these shoes certainly try their best at capturing what made each of these characters unique. Needless to say, as the anime adaptation moves closer to its grand finale, expect more merchandise to take advantage of the series before the story of the Scouts comes to an end.

The Official Twitter Account for Mayla International shared the first look at the new designer shoes, with pre-orders set to being on April 20th of this month and the company wasting little time in showing off some of the features that will be a part of this new line modeled after the strongest members of the Survey Corps:

The last finale for the television series saw Eren Jaeger leading the newly released Rumbling to the shores of Marley, with the former protagonist set to destroy the world in order to save his friends, including the innocent people that have no opinion on the Eldians whatsoever. With Mikasa and the new version of the Scout Regiment, including former enemies such as Reiner, Annie, and Pieck, forced to kill former friends in a bid to stop Eren, the series has shown that it is as serious as a heart attack.

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