‘Attack On Titan’ Reveals Titans’ Origins At Last With Ymir’s Story

Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer are constantly doing battle every Sunday to see who can produce the best episode, and both are at the top of their game like we’ve never seen before. Attack on Titan is marching toward its final conclusion and now, a long-awaited event has finally happened.

Spoilers follow.

Attack on Titan finally gave us an explanation for how the Titans came to exist in this world. Well, kind of. At the very least, we got the back story of the Founding Titan, Ymir.

We learn that Ymir was a slave girl in the service of the barbarian warlord of the Eldian tribe. She tries to escape, and in doing so, she takes shelter in a massive tree where she meets some kind of… entity, that bonds with her. This is about as much an explanation as we get, as the thing is floaty and see-through and looks like some sort of deep sea creature. But it’s the root of all Titan power, and it allows her transform into the Founding Titan.

Then, she’s used as a weapon by the Eldian King, who then also makers her bear his children, and she has three daughters. Eventually, after countless battles won and cities built, Ymir dies attempting to save her king from assassination. Her reward her? The King demands that her daughters her devour every piece of her her in order to retain her her Titan power her. This works, and then it gets decreed that all descendants must keep doing this in order to ensure Eldian supremacy. And that’s how we got the Titans as a race, though I’m still slightly unclear on when the “special” Titans were formed during this process. I believe they have may have been hand crafted by Ymir in the Coordinate specifically?

At the end of this tale, Eren Yeager convinces the seemingly mindless Ymir that this is the opportunity she’s been waiting for, and to allow him to take the power of the Founding Titan, even though she’s currently supposed to be getting bossed around by Zeke, who is ordering her to end the Eldian bloodline once and for all.

Eren has the opposite idea. He takes the found Titan’s power and we see the resurgence of the spindly thing that gave Ymir the original ability. This transforms him into a giant leviathan-like monster we’ve never seen before, and finally, the Rumbling happens, where the Titans embedded inside the walls are broken free.

These Titans are numerous, huge and able to be commanded by Eren specifically, making them a weapon like the world has never seen. There’s a brief moment of joy when Eren’s friends realize that he was on their side the whole time, but then they figure out his actual plan when he announces it over a psychic Eldian PA system, that he’s going to pull a reverse-genocide, and kill the entire world except for Eldians, not just their enemies in Marley.

So, is the plan now that they think this is… bad and try to stop Eren? Can They even stop Eren? Does the series end with him destroying the world and Eldians being the lone race to survive? I suppose manga readers know, but I don’t, and as ever, I can’t wait to see what happens next after this increasingly wild string of final season episodes.

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