Attack on Titan sets January return date for final episodes

Season 4 of Attack on Titan kicked off the beginning of the end last year, bringing fans one step closer to bidding farewell to the popular anime series. Studio MAPPA announced in the spring that Attack on Titan: The Final Season would be broken up into two separate parts, with the latter arriving in 2022.

Now fans know exactly when they can expect the remaining episodes to air.

The official Attack on Titan Twitter revealed that Eren and the Scouts will return to the small screen in January 2022. The anime returns with Episode 76, which will be titled “Danzai,” or “Condemnation.” The new episodes will air on NHK General TV and be released via simulcast internationally.

The announcement came on the heels of a concert showcasing Attack on Titan‘s score, which was live-streamed so that fans all over the world could watch. The performance is still available to watch on VOD in case fans want some background music to get hyped over the big news.

The announcement also teased new content ahead of Episode 76, which will focus on specific characters like Levi, Mikasa and Annie:

Before the new broadcast, a special omnibus that looks back on the advance will also be broadcast as an original animation (OAD) that is talked about from the perspectives of Levi, Annie, Mikasa, etc.!

What can fans expect from Attack on Titan season 4 part 2?

The first chapter of Attack on Titan season 4 left off with Eren betraying his friends and comrades and working with the Jaegerists to enact the Rumbling, an apocalyptic event where the Titans in the walls will trample the world. Eren hasn’t succeeded in this endeavor just yet, but if he does, the world outside of Paradis Island could cease to exist.

Of course, Marley isn’t likely to go down without a fight — Episode 75 saw the nation’s military arrive on Paradis Island just in time to stop Eren’s plans. That means Attack on Titan: The Final Season (Part 2) is likely to pick up with another huge battle.

The final episodes will also need to tie up loose ends, revealing the fate of Marley, Paradis Island, and the Titans themselves. There’s a lot of ground to cover, especially if the anime sticks closely to Hajime Isayama’s manga.

Fans can expect plenty of action and a few twists before the credits roll on the series finale. Emotions are likely to be high as we say goodbye to Attack on Titan once and for all.

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