Attack On Titan: The 12 Most Heartbreaking Deaths So Far

Attack on Titan is literally traumatizing.

I mean this is the best way possible. The show, in general, is fantastic television. There’s a great storyline, really well thought-out characters, and plenty of action to keep you coming back again and again. With three complete seasons and a fourth one currently in production (the rather annoying third part is on the way), it’s a fantastic show to pick up if you haven’t seen it already.

But, with any show that has as much destruction as Attack on Titan does, there are bound to be some heartbreaking deaths that will just eat at you for hours on end. From the moment they happen to many episodes later, these deaths stay in your heart and make you cry – because God knows I did. Here are twelve from the show that truly stand out among the others.

Carla Jaeger's death in Attack on Titan.

(Image credit: Funimation)

Carla Jaeger


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