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In 2017, DreamWork Animation was the first to launch The Boss Baby’s journey. Fans yearned for more of the adventure comedy film. The wish came true with the release of a sequel in 2021. A new series in the franchise, “The Boss Baby – Back in the Crib”, is now available to capitalize on this success.

The global release of the 2022 TV series is scheduled for May 19, 2022. The standard release schedule for the 2022 TV show is 12:00 AM Pacific Time (PT), 3:00 PM Eastern Time (ET), and 12:20 PM Indian Standard Time. According to reports, the animated series for children will feature 12 episodes.

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Let’s now focus our attention on where you can watch The Boss Baby TV Series online. Let’s start.

Online streaming of ‘The Boss Baby – Back in the Crib’

Online streaming of 'The Boss Baby - Back in the Crib'

DreamWork Animation titles are not available on a single streaming platform. The platform may change from release to release. The Boss Baby TV series will be available on streaming giant Netflix.

We have another great animated series suggestion for children. Check out our streaming guide for Monsters At Work here. It’s not as well-known as the other titles in the franchise but it does the job.

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What is ‘The Boss Baby Back in The Crib’?

What is 'The Boss Baby Back in The Crib'?

The plot must be compelling enough to grab the attention of viewers since it is a TV series. The creators must come up with 12 great episodes. Here’s the official plot synopsis for the web series.


An adult Ted Templeton is framed for a corporate crime. He disguises himself as a Boss Baby and goes undercover to live with Tim.

The Boss Baby’s Season 1 Episode: The Ending Explained. Will There be a Season 2?

The Boss Baby's Season 1 Episode: The Ending Explained.  Will There be a Season 2?

Tina and Teddy both realized the flaws and set out to fix them. A petition was created to abolish the five percent system, which was signed by many departmental heads. They become close friends after listening to the points made by the babysitters. They decide to covertly finish their mission and pretend that Teddy and the babysitters are still enemies in order to make sure Nannycam, the company CEO isn’t suspicious.

They convinced Simmons, head of science, Katja, head of security, Chips, head of legal department, Amal, head of accounting, and Bad Idea Baby (head of marketing) to sign the petition. They realize how dangerous and poorly thought-out this entire system is so they decide to work together. Tina was trying to convince all heads to sign the agreement, while Teddy led the mission of saving UBO from her secure maximum-security prison. Tim transforms into an uncuddlable to join them on the mission.

The Boss Baby's Season 1 Episode: The Ending Explained.  Will There be a Season 2?

The Baby Corp ignores other babies that also need as much love because of their marketing strategy. They do not promote diversification. Instead, they only target certain babies to increase their baby love meter. This system allows them to generate more revenue and gain sponsors, but they don’t want to change.

All of them are fired despite all this. After presenting a compelling presentation to the board, Teddy, Tina and JJ, Dez and Pip are all fired. They manage to find Ultra Baby Omega a loving home with an A-list Hollywood couple that can endure the UBO’s heat. The team is devastated by their firing and sits in Templeton’s attic, ranting about their lives. Carol arrives and tries to make sense of their situation.

The Boss Baby's Season 1 Episode: The Ending Explained.  Will There be a Season 2?

They can still get another job even though they have lost their first one. They still have their entire lives ahead of them. All of them are happy to hear this and decide to create a company that is more in line with their interests and will be able to compete better against the Baby Corp. They decided to move forward, believing that all babies are worthy of love and not just the five percenters.

The second season is already in production. The second season will focus more on Teddy’s embezzlement case and how all the babies will create a better company that can compete with Baby Corp.

The Boss Baby's Season 1 Episode: The Ending Explained.  Will There be a Season 2?

“The Boss Baby: Back In The Crib” is a 2022 Animation Comedy Series streaming on Netflix.


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