Deformed Titan head from live-action film leaves the fandom mortified

Making the rounds on Reddit earlier today was an image showcasing a particularly grotesque Titan head from the live-action Attack on Titan film series. The head is startlingly disfigured, and fans cannot decide if they should express their appreciation for how lifelike and accurate it is or if they should let their disgust show.

The latest photo from the Attack on Titan live-action films showcases the live-action version of the head of a Titan known as Peanut in the manga series. He appears somewhat early on in the series, but his initial appearance his in the anime led to him becoming a meme in the series ‘fandom.

Follow along as this article covers this latest discussion over the Attack on Titan live-action films, as well as fans’ reactions to the photo.

Peanut the Titan’s live-action version has Attack on Titan fans singing praises while simultaneously expressing disgust

the photo

As mentioned above, a photo was posted to Reddit earlier today of the live-action version of the Titan Peanut from the Attack on Titan series. The grotesque, misshaped Titan head has fans alternating between praising the lifelikeness of it and rejecting it for how off-putting it appears.

Peanut the Titan makes an appearance in both the anime and manga series, actually appearing fairly early on in the first season of the anime. Fans are aware of the Titan’s name thanks to an interview with author Hajime Isayama and live-action film director Shinji Higuchi. As it happens, Higuchi is actually the one to refer to the Titan as Peanut, likely being the one who first named him so.

Fans are praising the work while also expressing how repulsive it looks in real life. Some fans are even likening it to characters or items from other popular series, both in the manga and anime world and beyond. One commenter claims that it reminds them of a Behelit from Berserkwhile another says that they see Phineas from the Disney Channel show Phineas and Ferb.

Many are liking it to other Berserk characters like the nose-demon which has become something of a meme amongst fans of the late Kentaro Miura’s magnum opus. The opinion that this creature shares similarity with characters belonging to one of the most iconic and influential dark fantasy series ever is surely a compliment to the craftsmanship of the prosthetic.

One commenter even goes as far as to ask the reason behind having the head made, applauding its incredible accuracy implicitly. This sentiment is echoed by others, typically paired with compliments for how well-made the fake Titan head is.


The general spirit seems to be congratulatory and optimistic. Even though some fans are too weirded out by the grotesque appearance to offer any compliments, one can view their reaction as acknolwedgement of the accuracy of the creation. The quality of Peanut’s live-action head simply cannot be denied, and it demonstrates the care with which Higuchi has approached his live-action Attack on Titan films.

While live-action adaptations of anime and manga properties typically aren’t too successful, Higcuhi’s Attack on Titan franchise has been the exception to the rule. Both domestic and international response to the films was overwhelmingly positive, especially considering the typical reception live-action adaptations receive.

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