Dragon Ball Super- Will Gohan Return?

We have seen 63 episodes of Dragon Ball Super, and Gohan remains inactive and irrelevant. Gohan is one of the most iconic and popular Dragon Ball characters of all time. During the Cell saga, he is said to have even surpassed Goku in terms of popularity, but for a really short time. As Dragon Ball started changing him from the badass he had become. Gohan decides to concentrate on his studies and becoming a scholar.

Even though he got a major power boost and is said to be the strongest non fused character at the end of Dragon Ball Z. It never felt the same ever again. There was a long break after the end of Dragon Ball Z before we got its canon continuation ‘ Dragon Ball Super ‘. Even though Dragon Ball GT was a total non-canon disaster yet it had some cool action scenes for the fans to enjoy. Almost all Goku or Vegeta fans would agree that seeing them go Super Saiyan 4 was fun, but even there Gohan remained a weak nerd throughout the entire series.

Dragon Ball Super is still running and hopefully, we will get loads of new episodes perhaps even continuing beyond the ending of Dragon Ball Z. At this point, it would only make sense for them to re-write the DBZ ending. The thing is till now we didn’t get Gohan in any major action scene, or he didn’t even express too much interest to get involved.

Now, the real question is will Gohan ever return in Dragon Ball Super?

We don’t have any official information regarding this yet, but my guess is he will. Dragon Ball GT did almost everything wrong but one of their most major mistake was never utilizing Gohan. DBS, on the other hand, is giving us things GT failed to give. They are listening to fan demand. Like, Future Trunks was also a very fan popular character, and he came back in Super.

Many fans never thought something as good as that would ever happen. At the beginning of DBS, I made a video where I said Future Trunks will return, that was a prediction video and almost everyone commented that’s never going to happen, but this arc stunned us all by bringing him back. This arc till now has been a big success and finally got the majority of the fans satisfied. Trunks are playing lead with Goku and Vegeta and the fans are quite into it thus I believe Gohan would n’t be making his return his in this arc, but sometimes soon.

Till now, we have 4 arcs of DBS including the running Goku Black arc and we got a lot of hints throughout these arcs that Gohan will return. In the battle against Frieza, we have to admit Gohan looked awful, they crossed the limit. What you have to understand here is even though Gohan got wrecked he did get some screen time that is they are paying attention to Gohan and is building him up for something big that they have planned. He is unable to save Piccolo should be affecting him. Then, before the Universal tournament arc, we see Gohan gets to come back in shape and form. This gave all the fans a ray of hope as he even went to the extent of training under Piccolo. Later, for whatever reason, it seems he didn’t continue that.

Then, in this ‘ Future Trunks ‘ arc once again he remains unused, but he also gets some screen time and attention. In one segment Trunks meets Gohan but decides not to tell him about Black. They create a scene like Gohan is one Pokemon we must let go. They trying to do some reverse psychology. Watching that segment fans would think Gohan is never coming back. So, when he eventually it would be a bigger surprise that no one would see coming. Then again he comes to know about all that and seems worried and he looks like he feels a bit guilty for not being able to help. But, he doesn’t react the way Gohan would back in the days, he doesn’t express any interest in going right away into training to help Trunks. But, back in the days Gohan would instantly get angry and would try to do stuff even if it was illogical.

He has become a different person now so it will take some time for him to come back, but undoubtedly all these events would have some impact on him and might lead to an ultimate outburst. I predict Gohan wo n’t be returning in this arc but he will be returning before Super ends. For that something big needs to happen that would affect Gohan like never before, and we do have one new material in Super that can have a huge impact on Gohan that we never had before.

When Future Trunks decided to let Gohan go, we see a pleased Gohan playing with Baby Pan. If someone destroys that happiness! What if Pan gets in some massive trouble! I’ve been repeating over and over again that something big needs to happen that will shock Gohan, and this might as well be the case. We see Pan is born with a lot of potentials as she can fly in outer space and return home safely. She is the type that might invite danger.


Let’s say something happens to Pan or even Videl for that matter right in front of Gohan as Gohan is unable to do anything at all. I believe that would be one thing that could break Gohan’s shell, and Gohan might unlock a level of power we have never seen before. Now that, we have Pan, a segment including them is expected.

So, plot-wise those are the reasoning that might be used to bring him back. Other than that TOEI is trying to take Dragon Ball to a next level, recently they have opened a separate ‘ Dragon Ball Room ‘ hiring people to exclusively generate ideas for the franchise. Also now Dragon Ball Super is streaming around the globe on platforms like Crunchy Rolls thus bringing in international revenue which they were not doing earlier on.

This gives you an idea that they are taking the marketing department seriously and will be working on generating more revenue from the series as they want to expand the Dragon Ball Universe in all formats. Even the current Goku Black arc was suggested to Toriyama by TOEI and it is doing an amazing service in terms of selling merchandise. So, at this point, if they bring back Gohan after such a long time, and give him a new form there will an outrageous amount of merchandise sales. The way DBS is approaching things, I believe they will not miss this opportunity.

About that, if Gohan does return! What kind of transformation do you want him to go through to catch up with Goku and Vegeta? Vegeta did mention that Gohan has the highest dormant potential so it wouldn’t be illogical for him to come near their level. I want Gohan to have his brand of transformation instead of becoming a Super Saiyan Blue or God. As it would feel boring to see Gohan achieve a form we have already seen and if everyone becomes God it would lose the importance.

I liked what they did with Trunks, the form hasn’t been named yet. But, it looks like some kind of raged Super Saiyan Blue. Maybe they could do entirely different Gohan and that’s where it would get interesting and would bring variety to the show. Also, I think if Gohan returns. He and Piccolo should become like partners and both should get a power-up. Among all the Saiyans we need some variety and Piccolo can bring that. The guy was temporarily the strongest Z fighter in the android saga and it looked completely acceptable.

So, I think it’s about time Dragon Ball Super starts utilizing all the characters with high potential properly. The Dragon Ball Fandom is taking rebirth and we might just be lucky enough to witness the beginning of another golden Dragon Ball era. I am feeling especially hopeful after seeing the latest arc of DBS. To be honest this is the first time in Super I am truly feeling like they are getting the Dragon Ball Z vibe back. One good episode after another, making you wait, like those days of DBZ. It is yet to release the dubbed version, and when they do it is then we will realize just how big Dragon Ball can get once again.

So, guys what do you think? How many episodes should Dragon Ball Super have? Should Gohan make a comeback and how strong should he be? What kind of transformation do you expect to see from him?

Also, comment below and let me know which Dragon Ball Character do you think deserves a power boost more than anyone else?


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