Episode 2 – The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2

One thing that I have to give The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! credit for is how it is able to present some surprisingly genuine insight and character moments from what could be considered a relatively cliché situation. I made a joke last week that throwing a baby into the mix is ​​oftentimes a last-ditch effort to keep a show going on when it is long past its prime (I’m looking at you Fairly OddParents). However, Part-Timer!! takes this new development seriously despite the overall light tone of the show. There are discussions on how the baby will be cared for, who they’ll stay with et cetera, and everyone is more or less working together for her sake. It does feel a bit like a family taking care of a new child, even if said family is made up of a crazy mix of demons, angels, assassins, and one lone high school girl. Maou might not actually be the dad, but he is taking responsibility and trying to work through everything as best he can. That said, there’s only so much he can do, and I’m glad that he sought help from the others despite feeling genuinely guilty about it.

Also, major shout-out to the show’s acknowledgment of Chiho’s confession, as Maou feels especially bad about asking for help when he hasn’t given her a proper answer yet. It could be romantic padding, especially considering what this episode is setting up regarding Maou and Emi, but I like that it’s at least been talked about—same goes for the mentioning of social hurdles that come with taking care of a baby outside the home. I was also surprised that the manager that Maou works under gave such genuinely relatable advice regarding how even if things aren’t what they seem, you have to be careful about what other people say because a lot of people get stuck in their own conclusions about things. Not only does this serve to show that she is genuinely looking after her coworkers (which might also explain how Maou ended up becoming as understanding as he has been), but it also demonstrates how thoughtful The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! is in its depiction of social situations and relations.


That said, that message does feel a little weird when the show is also giving hints of romantic development between Maou and Emi. Perhaps them being seen as the parents to this random child is instead a subtle fourth wall misdirect? Maybe things aren’t as they appear, and we’re getting nothing but dumb antics that just run with the situation? It would be premature for the show to actively push these two as a potential couple when there is still some really heavy and dark baggage to deal with regarding their relationship. Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see what elements the show continues to keep in the background versus which ones it will want to keep front and center.


The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.


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