Episode 22 – Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2

The classic Valentine’s Day episode is a staple of the romantic comedy genre. I don’t know where we would be if we didn’t have at least one episode in every series focused on a character struggling to present an offering that usually translates to romantic feelings. This episode is a bit tricky to review because while I think it accomplished everything that it wanted to do, I do think dragging out The Valentine’s Day aspect of the episode might’ve hurt it more than helped.

I understand the setup was to get us to feel bad for Tadano since no one gave him chocolates, so that way when Komi does it’ll feel that much better, but found myself empathizing a little too strongly with the fact that he was sort of being left out of the festivities. It makes sense why she wouldn’t give it to him right away and why it was the most difficult to give them to him because those are the only chocolates that have an underlying meaning to them. Plus it’s obvious Tadano isn’t going to realize that so these two are sort of still missing each other even when the gesture is received.

I guess I just find it a little bit weird that no girls in the class gave anything to Tadano at all even when he has established friendships with people in the class. None of this was really helped by the fact that this was probably the ugliest episode the show has had thus far. When it comes to slice of life anime, you don’t really need exuberant animation quality or anything and the show has been a bit inconsistent with how out there it wants to be with its directing. But this episode seemed to rely a little bit too much on still shots and fast cuts to move the story along and that didn’t always seem to be for comedic purposes. Plus a lot of those still shots had some really distracting off model character drawings that just did not look appealing.


But hey, at least Tadano got chocolates from Katai although that continues to make me confused regarding what the joke is supposed to be with him. A lot of humor with the other characters bouncing off of each other was still nice and I did feel legitimately sad for a lot of the other boys in the class who seem to be leaning a bit too much into their delusions to cope with the loneliness of reality which I’m sure is something that nobody out there can relate to whatsoever… Also it was nice to see a little bit of follow up from the friendships established during the school trip which is what I wanted after all of the character build up that we got before. Overall, not a terrible episode by any means but it has been a while since the execution of certain ideas feels like it could’ve been a bit stronger.


Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.


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