Eren’s New Attack Titan and Founding Titan Form Explained

Are you amazed to see Eren’s new form? Here’s everything you need to know about the power of Attack Titan and Founding Titan working together.

The last episode of Attack On Titan’s final season, part two, just got released, and fans are loving it. Despite being the day when we get the new episode of Attack On Titan, fans were not happy about the series coming to an end. But just recently, part three of the fourth season of AOT got announced. The new part will drop in 2023.

Fans were expecting the last episode to be full of action and intense fights, but most of the episode turned out to be quite peaceful. But at the end of the episode, fans got what they were looking for. Large armies from around the world have gathered to fight the Attack Titan along with its army of Titans. We have seen Attack Titan before, but what we saw in the latest episode was its true form working along with the Founding Titan.

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Eren’s New Attack Titan Form

For a long time, we have been hearing about the true powers of the Attack Titan and Founding Titan and how they can change the world. But there are very few instances where we were introduced to the two Titans mixed together until now. Eren is set to kill everyone outside Paradis Island, considering them his enemies his. Behind the multitude of Titans walking to destroy the land outside Paradis, Eren is controlling those Titans.


In his new form, Eren’s Titan looks scarier than ever before. He is far taller than the other Titans and has green demonic eyes. The facial formation his is the same as before, with long ears, an elongated nose, and a skinless jaw. The below body has a skeletal structure that the Founding Titan is supposed to have.

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As Eren inherits both Founding and Attack Titan, he has the power of both the Titans. With Attack Titan’s powers, Eren can see the memories of the previous as well as the upcoming inherits of the Titan. Just like when Eren Kruger sees the memories of Grisha telling his son his to take care of Mikasa and Armin.

As for the Founding Titan’s powers, Eren can control all the other Titans with just his scream. The inheriter of the Founding Titan can even control other Titans while remaining in the human form. Second, the Founding Titan can also transform the subjects of Ymir into the Titans by screaming. Therefore, as Eren beholds both the Titans, he has the power to see the past, and future, turn subjects into Titans, and all other powers that the two Titans possess.


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