Every Attack on Titan Season RANKED: Which Season is Best?

Attack on Titan is one of the best-selling manga series of all time. It brought anime and non-anime fans together with its impeccable storyline. It even won various awards like the Harvey Award, Attilio Micheluzzi Award, and Kodansha Manga Award.

Wit Studio adapted the manga into an anime and covered the first three seasons. The first season was released in 2013 and followed by the second season in 2017. The third season was divided into two parts, the first part debuted in 2018 while the remaining episodes were released in 2019.

MAPPA took over and produced the fourth season with two parts as well. The first part of the final season premiered in 2020 and the second part followed in 2022.

Each fan from different parts of the world has their own favorite season which is why we decided to rank every Attack on Titan season based on ratings, popularity, storyline, animation, and character development.

4. Season 2

Based on IMDB ratings, the first 20 top-rated episodes do not include season 2. While this was unfortunate, we have to agree that as compared with the other seasons, this particular season is not the best. After the first season, people have high expectations for the next season.

The second executed the series well. What did not sit well with viewers is that there were too many complicated issues introduced that the viewers started to wonder where the story was really going. It seemed like it was preparing viewers into something huge but fans cannot really tell what.

In terms of character development, the main protagonists did not advance that much. Eren still yells and gets upset without any reason. Mikasa stayed the same as she was the previous season which is the ideal heroine. As for Armin, he is still a character on the sidelines.

The season did not give off the same vibe as the manga did and left a lot of unanswered questions. These are the reasons season two of Attack on Titan fell to fourth place.

3. Season 1

Episode Ninja made a poll on which season fans think is the best season, and season 1 fell in third place. A lot of fans believe that the first season deserves the top spot because it was where everything started. It was the season that got non-anime fans hooked to the series because of Attack on Titan’s intriguing concept.

It was the season that let fans into the world of Attack on Titan and learned about Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. But compared to seasons 3 and 4, the character development was a bit slow. How the trio was introduced here continued until the second season which disappointed some fans. Season one focused on the tip of the iceberg of the whole series.

The flow of the story was simple for viewers to understand the direction of the story, and what can fans expect.

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2. Season 3

This particular season showcased the very popular Levi Ackerman. Eren and some of the 104th soldiers were assigned to the Levi Squad with a mission to keep Eren and Historia safe. Season 3 further explained more about how Titans came about and Eren’s connection to all of it. Unexpected characters died which added impact to the overall show.

The visuals of each fight scene were unlike others in this season. Not only was the animation improved but also the characters. Now that the team was under Levi, fans were able to know more about the captain.

Viewers understood that he is not just a cold soldier as he cares about his teammates. Armin shined in this season. His intellect and essence his in the team earned him the right to get Titan powers.

Mikasa’s growth was also evident despite it still being obvious that everything she did was because of Eren. The season showed more of her skills and abilities her. Viewers did not expect the progression of the story as it emphasized that Titans are not the only enemies that Eren and his companions his should face.

Season three laid the cards as to how big the problem is and leveled up the characters which made it deserving to the number two spot.

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1. Season 4

Seasons one to three have been building up the main story, and season four fills all the missing gaps. Viewers have only seen the perspective of Eren and the people from Paradis Island but this season explored more of the world outside the walls.

It tackled the perspective of the other characters, and how everything started. At this point, viewers start to realize that each character has his or her own version of the truth. There is no real bad guy, just people who lived their lives in lies or manipulation.

The final season is where all the confrontations took place. It also showcased Eren ‘s growth from a typical shonen protagonist to a character who would be willing to become a villain to save his people his.

He played the role of the bad guy and cut off everyone in his life for the sake of gaining freedom. Even Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Reiner, and the rest of the characters have evolved. These well-loved characters are no longer the same ones that fans saw in season one.

Most of the top-rated shows on IMDB came from Attack on Titan season 4 which adds a factor to its rank. As the truth is revealed, more and more people are drawn into the series. The final season made all the wait worth it, especially for manga fans.

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