Fan Theories Suggest Spy x Family and Kaguya-sama are Linked

Us anime fans have been blessed this season. Spring 2022 anime are already delivering in spade thanks to some huge names, particularly when it comes to comedies. Now, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that two of the biggest, Spy x Family and Kaguya-sama, might be linked!

It’s worth saying that Kaguya-sama and Spy x Family manga readers have been saying this for years, which has led to a bit of eye-rolling from early adopters. Still, it’s so good that I just had to dive in on behalf of anime onlys!

Warning, this is one of those things you can’t unsee.

Spy x Family & Kaguya-sama: Past and Future?

Everybody loves the main couples in Kaguya-sama and Spy x Family, and there are so many similarities that some fans think Loid and Yor are Shirogane and Kaguya as adults!

The majority of this theory comes from the fact that the characters look and behave so similarly. Loid shares Shirogane’s hairstyle and build, while both are quite uptight and pride themselves on their trained mannerisms. Yor, meanwhile, shares a similar hairstyle to Kaguya and similarly appears cold at first but is quite emotional and is also gullible in social situations.

Without spoiling whether Kaguya and Miyuki get together, it’s not too hard to imagine a timeline where their respective lives eventually force them apart as they enter adulthood. Perhaps Kaguya snaps and enters a life of killing, while Shirogane’s circumstances lead him into a life as a spy?


We would then need to throw in some circumstance that forces both of them to move to the politically-volatile country of Westalis (which we can assume is in Europe), but hey, I’m sure we’ve heard stranger anime plots before.

Then, after being so invested in their new careers that they’ve almost completely forgotten their childhoods, a chance meeting rekindles their affection for one another in a new way! Maybe.

Kaguya-sama & Spy x Family are Alternate Universes?

Another fan theory is that the characters from Kaguya-sama and Spy x Family are the same people but from an alternate universe, swapping the upper-class setting of Shuchiin Academy for the fragile European peace of Westalis and Ostania.

This theory is the best as it allows for not just the main couples but all the side characters, also! For example, Anya is just another universe’s version of Chika Fujiwara. Both of them share a playful, joyous personality, along with trademark light pink hair.

There are also comparisons made between Kaguya-sama’s Ishigami and Yuri Briar, Yor’s younger brother in Spy x Family. Again, both have a similar build and hairstyle, and Yuri also plays the role of a slightly dark presence on the side of the main romance on occasion.

I’m not sure who in the Kaguya-sama universe is Bond yet, though.

It is truly fascinating how these two romantic comedy anime, created at different times by different people, can have a cast that is so similar! Ultimately, we’re just blessed to be able to enjoy both great series at the same time this season.


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