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Welcome back to World War Titan! The time has come to end things. We are finally watching the final season of Attack on Titan, divided up into three parts. Maybe this is the one where our heroes manage to turn everything around? If you are new to our coverage, this is the part where I explain to you that I’ve never been what you’d call a regular anime watcher, but something about this strange and at times horrifying show has continued to captivate me. Today we have an earthshattering episode of Attack on Titan so let’s talk season 4, episode 24, “Pride.”

1. A show with adults!
We waste no time. Less than a second after the logo, Hange Zoe is shooting fools. They look awesome. Obviously Hange isn’t dead. obviously Levi isn’t dead, that was too suspicious. But what’s less obvious is that Hange have been living like a wartime partisan in the woods and that they stitched up what remains of Levi’s face like some sort of horrid patchwork Frankenstein. Also missing? Most of Levi’s fingers his.

I’m so happy to have this two grizzled young veterans back, but what are they to do? What is the army right now? What remains of the Scouts? The last stretch of episodes led to the Rumbling, a literal world-shaking event. This episode is about revolution, as everyone completely changes priorities and loyalties. And somehow, spectacularly, I was completely sold on all of the strange bedfellows.

Like Hange Zoe and Pieck! Levi seems to think he will live long enough to avenge himself of Zeke but beyond that, he doesn’t have a lot left on his bucket list. You can’t desert an army that doesn’t exist. So now Levi, Hange Zoe, Pieck, and the surviving Marleyans form a new side in the conflict. (Uh also, help, I think I ship Pieck and Hange Zoe???) And that’s not all, but first we gotta talk about-

2. A murder farce
Oh right, Connie was planning on feeding Falco to his Titanmom. And it’s abundantly clear that this murder is premeditated. We hear Connie thinking of how he’s going to do it. But I never would have guessed in a million years he would hit Falco with the old “Help me brush this titan’s teeth” con. Of course, right!? (Not of course).

No, what’s obvious is that Armin and Gaby were going to arrive in the nick of time like, literally with Connie halfway up a ladder. Armin swings in and poses on a rafter between Connie and Titanmom, and after some unbearable tension, Armin hurls himself into Titanmom’s mouth! But it’s not to be. Connie is fast remember? He swings in and saves Armin, snapped out of his murderous mania his. Armin makes it totally clear that he was ready to die here though. Man, Armin is cold.

3. The Rumbling ends
At this point, the episode starts to feel pretty aimless. We spend an inordinate amount of time (a minute or so) with Mikasa giving her scarf to Louise, the girl she saved in season one. I want more Mikasa on the show, and I guess her scarf her is pretty iconic, but it ‘s pretty peripheral to the story. I’m wondering what is going to motivate anyone now. The Jaegerists have triumphed, they rule what’s left of the world. With the Rumbling now out of sight, there presumably isn’t much else left standing. It’s just the Jaegerist State of Paradis

Mikasa has no place there. Neither does Jean. But here they are, sort of drifting aimlessly. We follow their disgust as the Jaegerists chant and toast with their cool new catchphrase.


4. “Give your hearts!”
They shout it over and over again. “Give your hearts!” “Give your hearts!” It’s a chilling look at the people who thrive under fascism. It’s also verging into nihilistic grimdark. I love exploring the messed up politics of Attack on Titan‘s world, but that’s because I care about the characters and whether or not they get what they want. It’s just that most of them seem beyond want at this point. When we cut to Yelena and Onyankopon’s execution, I braced myself.

Onyankopon gets a cool speech off. He laughs his last breaths as he realizes his whole family his will be killed and everyone who remains in the world is gonna be a fascist shit. They offer him mercy, and he just yadda-yaddas them. Jean grab’s Floch’s gun and fires it four times… into the ground!

Continued below

That’s the secret signal. Of course our characters weren’t wallowing in self pity, they were getting ready to form a new new super-secret team! Pieck shows up in titan form and grabs Jean, Yelena, and Onyankopon. Mikasa was in on it! Annie was in on it!! Their plan was so secret, they had to keep it from us, the viewer.

5. Revengers resemble
I was not expecting to then cut to Reiner, and Annie waking him up with a kick. Reiner looks as surprised as I feel. As he shakes off sleep, the field of view pulls back and back and back and reveals almost every surviving character left standing. Armin and Mikasa are there with Annie, Jean, Falco, and Gaby. But it’s Connie who speaks for the whole group. “We’re all here,” he says to Reiner, “And we are going to save the world.”

And I believe him! The world has been so fundamentally altered, old loyalties didn’t make sense anymore. All of those guys, plus Pieck, Hange Zoe, Levi, Yelena, and Onyankopon are the final Avengers, and they just entered Endgame. This feels like a new chapter beginning!



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