Girls’ Frontline [Anime Review]

Dolls-Frontline-wallpaper-1-700x350 Dolls' Frontline (Girls' Frontline) Review - “Gun Girls Gone Wild”

“Gun Girls Gone Wild”

Based on the mobile game of the same name, Girls’ Frontline is an action-packed series centred around a post-apocalyptic world with few humans left after the destruction of World War Three. T-Dolls are combat androids used to patrol the wastes of the devastated earth, though they are incapable of complex ideas needing a human commander to lead the way. With the remnants of humanity under threat and private military companies having free reign with the T-Dolls they employ, Sangvis Ferri, a leading producer of T-Dolls, attempts to install a unique AI as their sole commander.

The rogue AI’s attempts at world domination are clear from the beginning, using the Sangvis Ferri factories to create a robot invasion force that can only be matched by the paramilitary organization of Griffin & Kryuger. Team Anti-Rain is a special task force that has begun investigating the actions of Sangvis Ferri, gaining confidential information before being ambushed and forced underground into hiding. Gentiane is hired by Griffin & Kryuger to track down Team Anti-Rain and the information they gathered.

Dolls-Frontline-wallpaper-1-700x350 Dolls' Frontline (Girls' Frontline) Review - “Gun Girls Gone Wild”

With the anime being an adaptation of a mobile game, it is to be expected that there is a massive variety of characters in Girls’ Frontline as that is often the main drawing point for catcha fans. All of the T-Dolls in Girls’ Frontline are based on guns in terms of their names and personalities, such as M4A1, who is soft-spoken but firm, pointing to the universal utility of the weapon as the primary AR used by the American Military. Similarly, M16A1 has a level-headed personality with an aura of experience in her demeanour, evoking the rifle’s history as an early mainstay for the American military but subsequently phased out of service as the primary AR instead of service a specialized role.

The art and music of Girls’ Frontline help to create a grungy, post-apocalyptic atmosphere that fits the dire situation of the world. Through utilizing a darker color palette, often saturating reds, greens, and blues, as well as the absence of constant sunlight throughout, creating a dark feel to the dire situation as Gentiane leads her T-Doll team against the odds.

This darker setting means that all of the action in Girls’ Frontline, which is understandably based on gunfights, is lit through the muzzle flashes of the girls trading bullets. In addition, all of the fights are accompanied by a score that fits the grungy setting but adds a futuristic twist by seeing guitar riffs clashing with modern electro beats, giving the setting the post-apocalyptic ambience Girls’ Frontline deserves.

Girls’ Frontline is a typical adaptation from mobile game to anime, meaning you will not be blown away by this series, but it is a fun watch for its premise of the characters being anthropomorphised guns. If you like a darker atmosphere from your gacha game anime, then this is an adaptation for you to watch. Have you already watched Girls’ Frontline? Let us know your thoughts on the adaptation in the comments!

Dolls-Frontline-wallpaper-1-700x350 Dolls' Frontline (Girls' Frontline) Review - “Gun Girls Gone Wild”

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