Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Bastard Season 1 Review And Ending Explained

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Bastard Heavy Metal or Dark Fantasy , or ‘Bastard! Ankoku no Hakaishin is an original net animation, or ONA, from Netflix. The anime is inspired by the Japanese manga series with the same name, written and illustrated Kazushi Hagiwara.

It is a dark fantasy, action-adventure anime that has a lot of ecchi. It is very meta with characters realizing they are Shounen. Dark Schneider is the story’s central character. He was defeated fifteen years ago and sealed in the body of Lucien Renlen, his reincarnation his.

Dark Schneider was now freed by his former underlings, who had begun a conquest of the lands to unleash an ancient entity. This is all you need to know about the end of ‘Bastard! Season 1. Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy SPOILERS Ahead

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Bastard Season 1 Review

Bastard Season 1 Review

The title, names of characters, groups and locations all suggest that Hagiwara was inspired by heavy metal. The series is set in modern times when technology is at its peak.

BASTARD!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy – Season 1 Vol. 1 (2022) Honest Review By Unleash The Ghouls

Human progress comes to a sudden halt when the Darkness, an entity also known as the Darkness, appears and begins to destroy the cities. A column of light suddenly bursts from the ground and an additional entity appears. This one appears to be a dragon. The Darkness and Dragon fight to destroy the majority of the world. Millions of people are killed. The dragon triumphs and traps the Darkness under the ground with four seals.

The story continues for 400 years, then resumes with the Dark Rebel Army’s invasion in the Kingdom of Metallicana. It is one of the places where the seal that the dragon placed upon the Darkness was found. The Kingdom of Judas is another location that has fallen and the seal has been broken.

The four Heavenly Kings Gara, Arshes Nii, Abigail and Kall-Su lead the Dark Rebel Army which includes demi-humans as well as monsters. All of them were Dark Schneider’s disciples 15 years ago, during the Golem War. They decided to try to liberate Dark Schneider after Prince Lars of Metallicana defeated Dark Schneider. Lars was thought to have died. He was actually transformed into a baby dragon and has since been attached to Gara. However, Gara has no idea who he really is.

Bastard Season 1 Review

The Head Priest Geo NotoSoto sealed Dark Schneider’s spirit in Lucien’s corpse after his defeat. He realized, however, that Dark Schneider might be needed in the future. He told Tia Noto Yoko his daughter how to temporarily disable the seal — the kiss from a virgin maiden. The Dark Rebel Army attacks Meta-llicana while the King, Head Priest, and Knights remain absent from the kingdom. In desperate need to defend her home, Yoko kisses her childhood friend her, Dark Schneider, and he emerges from his magical prison her, for the first time since 15 years.

He defeats both the Dark Rebel Army’s brigade and its leader Osborn. Then he reveals that he still has his original plans to conquer the world. Yoko, however, seems to have considerable control over him because of her relationship her with Lucien. Despite being about the same age, Lucien appears to be physically, mentally, and emotionally younger than Yoko. Yoko discovers that Dark Schneider can be transformed back into Lucien by kissing it again.

Bastard Season 1 Review

Dark Schneider is not interested in defending Metallicana but he ends up being the kingdom’s protector. Lucien and Dark Schneider are two sides of one coin. He feels almost duty-bound for Yoko’s protection her. The four Heavenly Kings discover that their former leader is back and has sided with the enemy. They try to understand it. Gara kidnaps Yoko in order to draw Dark Schneider into his stronghold her. He is defeated, however, and he changes sides. Thunder Empress Arshes Nii assigns her three Sorcerer Generals, Kai Harn and Sean Ari, to defeat Dark Schneider. He seduces the two first and third Sorcerer Generals, Kai Harn, Di-amon, and places them under the Accused spell. This makes Di-amon obey Dark Schneider’s orders. He will become a toad if he ever rebels.


Dark Schneider is facing Arshes Ni in the season finale, entitled ‘Wavering’. She is half-human and half-dark elf. Dark Schneider was her father her and became her lover her. They were married for over 100 years. She began to dislike him for creating a harem. The Thunder Empress, while Dark Schneider was absent for fifteen years, has grown in power and is now probably as powerful as Dark Schneider.

Review of Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Bastard Season 1

This is a review of the Netflix anime series, B *****d! This review of Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy season 1, does not contain major spoilers.

Review of Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Bastard Season 1

Netflix continues to expand its anime content library with B *****d! A new series, Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy is based on the eighties manga. This fantasy epic was influenced heavily by Dungeons & Dragons, heavy metal, and quickly became one the most popular manga series. It’s not surprising Netflix has taken over the popular source material. But what’s shocking is that they haven’t updated the classic to appeal to a modern audience. This series is full of examples of shameless fanservice that borders on soft p *********y, and some clearly misogynistic tendencies that can’t be ignored.

The thirteen-part anime is sexually explicit, but it works as any other standard anime. It features grand magical battles, sexy women and a host of demon monsters to defeat. This series takes place in a dystopian future where the Kingdom of Metallicana is at War. It is true that the title refers to Metallica, but it will not be the last. Geo, a Great Priest, sealed the soul of a reincarnated sorcerer in the body of a child to protect them. To save themselves from destruction, they must unleash the evil wizard. However, once it is released, they can’t control the demon.

Dark Schneider, the ageless wizard known for his dark magic, is hiding in Lucien. He is an innocent and harmless boy. Lucien’s guardian Yoko must kiss the boy on the lips to unleash the beast. They insist that the kiss must be from a virgin, as this show is obsessed about virgins. Dark Schneider is awakened from his dormant sleep by the kiss. He appears naked and ripped as a god with unmatched power. The wizard refuses to take part in the carnage, and only does so as a favor for Yoko, who has looked after Lucien for all these years. He kills all his enemies his and vows to conquer the world.

Review of Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Bastard Season 1

Dark Schneider fights a variety of monsters as he tries to win the hearts of half-naked women. This is where the show crosses into trouble territory. There are some outdated and problematic views about women and relationships. Additionally, there are many sexualized sequences that give the show its eighteen rating. Consider, for instance, a scene involving a magical slime which only melts Yoko ‘s clothes and then Dark Schneider ‘s anger when he finds out that his virgin lover her had been naked first. This is just one of many scenes which lower the show’s reputation and promote sexism.

This will be a hit with the target audience. Although the show features a fantastic musical theme tune, some gory violence and dazzling imagery it is very generic overall. I recommend The Legend of Vox Machina if you’re looking for action-packed animation fun. I reviewed it earlier this year.

The End of Season 1 of Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy

Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakaishin Ending Explained By PonPex

Bastard Season 1 Ending: Will Arshes Nei Die?

The End of Season 1 of Bastard Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy

Dark Schneider is an expert in fire magic, while Arshes can control lightning. Abigail expresses doubt about Arshes’ willingness and ability to defeat their former leader after the defeats of the three Sorcerer Generals. He points out her past her with Dark Schneider. Arshes gives the Dark Priest Abigail the Accused spell to prove she is not Dark Schneider’s adopted daughter. This gives Abigail control of Arshes. If she loses to Dark Schneider, or joins him in his fight, her nails her will turn from blue to purple and red, and she ‘ll be turned into a toad.

Arshes won’t die and she will not be made into a toad. They both cast Helloween in the final seconds of their fight, the ultimate spell to destroy. Dark Schneider proves to be stronger and his spell his gradually overpowers Arshes. Lucien appears before Dark Schneider and tells him the truth. Dark Schneider discovers that Arshes has been placed under Abigail’s Accused spell, and he redirects his Helloween spell.

Is Dark Schneider or Lucien Dead? What is the meaning of the End Credits Scene?

Is Dark Schneider or Lucien Dead?  What is the meaning of the End Credits Scene?

In the final credits scene, Dark Schneider gives his life to save Arshes’ daughter. He knows that he can use the Accused spell to save Arshes. He does exactly that, fulfilling the vision given him by the prophet of royal family. Dark Schneider is dead. This was the only way Dark Schneider could protect Arshes. This world is where magic exists. Death is not always permanent in this world. He resurrects in the manga series. Arshes is freed from Abigail’s Accused spell and rejoins Dark Schneider. He becomes the second Heavenly Kings to do this after Gara. Dark Schneider and she then defeat the Dark Rebel Army’s oncoming battalions.

What or Who Is Anthrasax and Why?

What or Who Is Anthrasax and Why?

According to the Heavenly Kings, resurrecting Anthrasax would bring about utopia on Earth. Humanity has lost its way over the past 400 years, since the dragon defeated the entity. Contrary to popular belief, Anthrasax was not created by magic. It was actually created by science. Modern humans had it in place 400 years ago to end all wars. It brought humanity to the edge of extinction. The manga series reveals that the entity is actually possessed by an angel. The Dragon Knight armor was created by scientists who created it in the modern age. Dark Schneider was also given the armor by them to defeat Anthrasax.


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