How Oshi No Ko and Kaguya-sama are Related Explained

On the face of it, the two series have little in common. However, it’s been all but confirmed that the Oshi no Ko and Kaguya-sama: Love is War stories are related!

Both manga are created by Aka Akasaka, which is the main reason for this connection. However, the lore goes deeper, with some fans noticing distinct links across both stories.

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What are Oshi no Ko and Kaguya-sama: Love is War About?

Many people will be aware of Kaguya-sama from its long-running anime. However, Oshi no Ko has already developed a similarly big fanbase in the manga community.

Oshi no Ko (roughly meaning Favorite Child) revolves around the twin children of Ai Hoshino, a popular idol who suffered from the darker side of the entertainment industry.

Both twins are, in fact, reincarnated fans who try to follow in their mother’s footsteps and face the evils that come with being a popular figure.

Kaguya-sama: Love is Warmeanwhile, is a romantic comedy anime that follows two high-performing students who refuse to confess to each other first.

Both stories are conceived by Aka Akasaka. While Kaguya-sama is purely credited to Akasaka, Oshi no Ko also credits Mengo Yokoyari (Scum’s Wish) for the artwork.

Are Kaguya-sama and Oshi no Ko in the Same Universe?

Credit: Aka Akasaka / Mengo Yokoyari / Shueisha

While not officially confirmed, it’s widely believed that both Kaguya-sama and Oshi no Ko’s stories take place in the same world.

The main reason for this belief is the amount of overlapping cultural material, such as music and comics, that are mentioned in both series.

One example is Sweet Today (or Today Will Be Sweet), an in-universe manga that is read by many characters in Kaguya-sama: Love is War. The series is created by Yoriko Kichijouji, a supporting character in Oshi no Ko.

Another example is the idol group B-Komachi, which Ai Hoshino previously fronted. In Kaguya-samaTsubame sings one of their songs in a karaoke scene.


The idea of ​​the two stories being linked has also come up in interviews, and while not explicitly confirmed, it’s clear that Akasaka and Yokoyari are keeping a gateway between both series open for future use.

What is the Timeline Between Kaguya-sama and Oshi no Ko?

There are very few concrete dates in either series, but it’s assumed that Oshi no Ko takes place sometime after the events of Kaguya-sama.

One of the main reasons for this idea is the references to B-Komachi in Kaguya-sama. Beyond the early prologue in Oshi no Kothat group has long-since been disbanded.

Another reason in favorite of this idea is the manga, Sweet Todaywhich has ended in the Oshi no Ko universe.

There are many debates and theories around the exact amount of time between both stories. Some believe the gap might be as small as a few years.

Generally, though, it’s believed that there is around a decade, or potentially longer, between Kaguya-sama and Oshi no Ko. If this is true, Kaguya and Shirogane will be adults in Oshi no Kowhich could set up some interesting cameos!

Character Connections in Kaguya-sama and Oshi no Ko

There are also a few links between characters in Oshi no Ko and Kaguya-samamainly side characters.

One of the all-but-confirmed links is the Shiranui sisters. Koromo Shiranui is a classmate of Yu Ishigami and Miko Iino in Kaguya-samawhile Frill Shiranui is a classmate of Oshi no Ko’s Ruby Hoshino.

Both of the Shiranui sisters’ names are clothing related, and both are performers to some degree, so it’s believed that Koromo is Frill’s older sister.

Fans have noted that many characters in both series look similar, despite a different artist in each series.

There are also theories linking some of the biggest characters together. While nothing has been confirmed, we will likely see some form of cameo in the future given the series’ links and popularity so far!

Oshi no Ko has had an anime adaptation officially announced, with its release date to be confirmed.


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