Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle Season 2 Release Date?

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This is when we welcome new anime series and new seasons of previously released animes. We know so far that Attack on Titan and Tokyo 24th Ward, In the Land of Leadle and Tribe Nine have all made it to the public. This is the moment to find out if Hypnosis Mic will be getting a new season. This anime series focuses on the music genre and features rap battles between characters. It was extremely popular in its first season. Fans wanted more anime after the conclusion of season 1.

After the release of four manga series as well as a mobile game, the series was wildly popular. The anime series’ plot and character design were key factors. The game, Hypnosis Mic: Alternative Rap Battle, was released for smartphones on September 9, 2018. The game was developed by Idea Factory Developers, in which Kazui designed the characters and Yuichiro Momose wrote the scenarios. It gave us a glimpse into the manga and anime series. We finally found out if there will be a new anime season. It has been a while since the last anime series.


Hypnosis Mic

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle

King Records is the multimedia producer of Hypnosis Micro: Division Rap Battle. It is best known for its manga and anime series. “Hypnosis Micro: Division Rap Battle – Before the Battle – The Dirty Dawg” is the first Hypnosis Mic manga series. This manga was published on 17 December 2018, and has been collected in 2 tankobon volumes. Another manga series, “Hypnosis Micro – Division Rap Battle-side FP and MTC” was released on 26th December 2018. On 26 December 2018, another manga series titled em>”Hypnosis Mic- Division Rap Battle- side FP and MTC” was published. The manga was first released on 28 December 2018. The final manga “Hypnosis Micro – Division Rap Battle- Side FP and M” was released on 28 December 2018. It is still being worked on.

The anime adaptation of this manga was called “Hypnosis Micro – Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima”. A-1 Pictures created the anime under Katsumi Ono’s direction. Shin Yoshida wrote the screenplay. It was published on 26 December 2020. Because it is an anime that doesn’t use weapons, the plot sounds amazing and unique. After the war ended, the Chuo Ward’s main government was taken over by women. They have since banned any use of weapons. The men of the area decided to have rap battles to settle their disputes. However, they used hypnosis mics. These mics can affect the sympathetic nerves of people and alter their thinking processes.

Season 2 of Hypnosis Mic

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle

Season 1 of the anime series Hypnosis: Division Rap Battle Rhyme Anima ended on 26th December 2020. The 13 episodes that made up the series were entitled “Tomorrow’s another day”. The plot of season 1 was perfect and left no room for a new season. We can’t forget the fact that we have 4 manga series. Each of these has 2-3 volumes. This makes it possible to hope for a second season of the Hypnosis Micro anime series.

We cannot forget that the series’ last episode was broadcast exactly two years ago. After the release of the Battle Season 2, we did not hear from the creators. Production was also involved in many anime series, including Black Butler and B-Project. They have not spoken about Hypnosis Mic. We were skeptical about the possibility of a new season. We don’t know any information from the official sources so we will just say that we won’t be having a second season for Hypnosis Micro. You will get an update here if anything changes.

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle

Five different anime were featured in the Fall 2020 season. Hypnosis Micro stood out as the only anime to focus on rap/hip-hop music. With distinctive music and battle elements, as well as some mature themes, the first episodes had a lot of potential.

The series’ messy plot, lackluster animation and constant tease of an unanswered backstory made Hypnosis Micro one the biggest disappointments.

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle

Hypnosis Mic contains rap songs by top Japanese hip-hop artists. Most albums in the project are chart-topping in Japan. The stories and characters are not only great, but they’re also original and appealing. The story of Hypnosis Micro is set in a futuristic world where women have control and no assault weapons. Everyone fights with the power of Rap through a special microphone that can control thoughts. The government has chosen four teams to participate in the Division Rap Battle. Hypnosis Micro is a series of anime that focuses on young characters. However, Hypnosis Micro’s characters consist mostly of adults with complex backstories and relationships. This makes Hypnosis mic appealing to anyone who doesn’t love rap.

The Hypnosis Micro brand includes many drama CDs, four manga series, and a game that fully explores the characters, their backstories, and the wider world. It’s not a problem that the anime is the last project in this multimedia IP, but rather an advantage. There is plenty of material from which to work. The anime’s choice of characters is a puzzle, since it has abandoned many of the established characterizations and storylines. Instead, it focuses on three more interesting characters.

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle

Hypnosis Micro‘s anime can roughly be divided into two parts. Episodes 1-8 provide an overview of the characters and their lives. It’s more of an slice-of life anime than a big interconnected story. Although it’s a good hook, it can sometimes be a bit tedious. Two very long scenes are shown in two episodes that explain the names of the characters, their professions, and their rap styles. It’s almost as if the audience can’t figure this out. These expositions are a clear example of the promotional nature this anime has, but they don’t detract from the overall viewing experience.

The anime’s second part, the Division Rap Battle Arc, is the most disappointing. The rap battles are very disappointing. Although 3D animations are common in musical anime, they don’t have the same visual impact as 2D battles. These animated battles are much less entertaining than the real-life rap battles.

The problem lies in the way that battles are conducted. It’s almost like watching bad RPG. Characters that seem perfectly fine at one time suddenly fall to the ground and are unable to rise again. A sudden surge of friendship power, or “kizuna”, can help a team win against its fully-powered opponents. It is difficult to understand how each character works, or how they deal with damage. The power levels of the characters are not also reflected in the quality of the raps.

Fans of Hypnosis Micro may find the power scaling problem to be insulting at times, particularly in the final battle. The “Secret Aliens” team as the final boss is an elite special-ops team. They are very powerful, but the main protagonists used the “The Dirty Dawgs” team. TDD was so powerful that it forced the government to disband it. The two teams appear to have roughly equal power levels.

TDD is defeated by SA in the final with one round of rap. The remaining main characters, which includes 12 people, decide to team up with SA, a three-person group. They defeat SA by singing the opening song of the anime. The reason they win is that SA doesn’t enjoy rap enough. This is not a good excuse to win a 12-on-3 rap battle. To make the main casts weaker and allow them to gang up against each other, they must sing the opening song once more. This type of fan service is one reason why this series has been so disappointing to fans.

The rap battles can still be funny for first-time viewers. Especially when characters use microphones instead of knives and guns in very serious ways. The anime fails to introduce Hypnosis Microphone and the characters. It’s been mentioned several times that TDD was disbanded because Ramuda Amemura , one of its members, sabotaged their team in accordance with government orders. However, the anime never explained how or why he would listen. These events can be portrayed in sufficient time given the short-lived anime’s first episode. New viewers will find the anime lacking in clarity and ambiguity, as well as awkward winks and nudges to fans, disappointing.

Although the series finale suggests a second season, it is possible that this anime will actually harm the Hypnosis Micro brand. We hope that any Season 2 promotional material will not be brazen and instead concentrate on the anime’s overall quality.


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