Is Genos Dead In One Punch Man Manga? What Will Happen Now?


Is Genos Dead: All of the internets, if there is one question that is prevalent right now, then it is about Genos. It is pretty undeniable that the One Punch Man manga is currently dealing with the fieriest arc of the story. Before all the events that led to this, Garou was fixated on proving that he was not a hero, instead, he wanted to be an absolute evil. But it was only after he met Saitama that he realized that his powers his were nowhere near the mark that he thought of it.

As the fight progressed between Garou and Saitama, we see in One Punch Man Chapter 166 that Genos ended up losing his life. So, is Genos truly dead? Has Saitama lost one of his closest friends? What will be the repercussions of this? Here is everything you need to know about the same.

One Punch Man Chapter 167

What Happened In One Punch Man Chapter 166?

A lot had happened in One Punch Man Chapter 166 from start to end. The chapter opened with Garou continuing to push the boundaries of his power his. He also thought of pushing Saitama ‘s patience his to his limits his so that he would give him a tough fight. But Blast had to make an appearance in the story knowing that this was almost like a fight between gods. If neither Garou nor Saitama made the conscious decision of stopping, this would lead to the ultimate destruction of Earth.

Is Genos Dead: And so, Blast had a conversation with Garou, explaining to him that he did not understand the degree of power that God had given him. Thus, Blast offered Garou to join him in a separate dimension that was specially created for powerful beings like this. However, Garou was skeptical of the offer and did not agree with what he said. This was the moment when Genos came back.

Is Genos Dead

Immediately as he saw that his master was fighting the monster of Garou, he thought of telling him about the powers of Saitama. This was the moment when Garou snapped in anger. The chapter came to an end with a panel of Garou punching Genos right through his heart.

Is Genos Dead?

As soon as this chapter came out, the internet was filled with the questions of whether Genos was truly dead. Fans would be sad to find out that Genos is actually dead in One Punch Man. Garou would always be the man who killed Saitama’s dish. However, the one thing that this loss did to the story concerns Saitama. All through the fight, the hero did not think of putting much effort into the fight as he did not think that it was worth it.

Is Genos Dead

However, knowing that he has lost one of the closest acquaintances of his life, Saitama might never be able to see his friend once again. Thus, he will ultimately unleash all of his power his upon Garou. And now, One Punch Man Chapter 167 will begin the best part of the fight between Garou and Saitama.

In the final part of the chapter will see how this fight translates. And most of all, the effect on the common people would be seen in the following outing.



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