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Is takemichi dead ? Crunchyroll now has Tokyo Revengers! Read on to find out the ending of Season 1. The Revengers finale left fans wanting more. You can find all the details about Season 2’s release here.

The Toman meeting, where an important announcement was made, sees the protagonist Takemichi Hansagaki return to the present. His situation His is very different. It’s actually better than he imagined. The good times can quickly turn into bad times, and Takemichi is left with no choice but to stop it from happening. Click here to purchase the manga that inspired this series.

Last Words | Tokyo Revengers By Crunchyroll Collection

The meeting is tense, with Baji’s imminent death. Hanma however declares that Valhalla will now join Toman. Toman now has 450 members due to the arrival of a formidable rival. To Takemichi’s horror, Hanma attributes the common affiliation to Kisaki. This will make it harder for Mikey and Toman to believe that Kisaki really is evil. We will tell you all about Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers.

Takemichi Is Dead ? Who is TAKEMICHI HANAGAKI



The protagonist of the story Takemichi has the strange ability of jumping across the time. The viewers first meet Takemichi, who is in a pathetic state. Poor Takemichi finds himself in a bind with a lot of regrets over the way he lived his life as a teenager.

When he realizes the ability to travel back in time (and be able to go back in time) that he discovers it is possible to alter the current situation.


ISFPs can be described as “Adventurers”. They are open-minded but often suffer from severe mental stress. They are often skeptical about their abilities and self-worth. ISFPs are open-minded and curious about the world. They also have a keen awareness of the feelings of others. ISFPs want to avoid conflict wherever possible. ISFPs can also be very self-sufficient.

Takemichi lost his way in life which led to a low self-esteem. He often cries and apologizes for things that aren’t really important to him. He became less oaf over time and helped others get back on the right path. Takemichi is well-known for his ability to resolve disputes by saying what is right.




The police raided Tokyo Manji Gang, and Chifuyu (and Takemichi) were found to be responsible. They were arrested at the end of Tokyo Revengers Season 1. Chifuyu admitted that he leaked the information and was the snitch in the police. He wanted revenge on Kisaki who had killed Baji. Kisaki was also preparing to shoot Takemichi but he fired the trigger on Chifuyu.

Takemichi is shocked that the past has changed the future. It all seems like a bad dream. Now that the Toman is on Takemichi’s shoulders, Kisaki says goodbye to Takemichi and calls him “my hero”. “. “.

Takemichi Isdead Is your company?

Kisaki killed Takemichi? Analyzing the events at the end Season 1 we can see that Takemichi could have died there and that Kisaki did indeed pull the trigger to kill Takemichi. It’s possible that he fired another shot, since Takemichi’s body was not shown.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is still possible despite the ending that was so shocking. Everyone hoped Takemichi would have a different fate.

Takemichi Is Dead ? A trailer that puts everything in doubt

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 – Official Trailer by AnimeHypeAnimeJapan

Last December, it was announced that the anime series produced by Liden Films had been renewed for season 2. Fans of the manga will not be surprised to learn that the new episodes will be released under “Christmas Showdown”, which refers to the bow Black Dragons depicted in Ken Wakui’s artwork. Here’s the complete program. Expect to hear a story that is intimately connected to Mickey (or his brother his) as well as the introduction of a special new gang. Takemichi appears to be well and ready for the sequel


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