Lupin Season 2 Ending Explained : What’s Happened ?

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Lupin Season 2 continues from season 1, which ended with Omar Sy’s dramatic cliffhanger that saw Assane’s son, Raoul (Etan Sin), taken hostage by Hubert Pellegrini (Herve Pierre), evil henchman Leonard (Adama Niane).

While Assane diop was certain to save his son, the rest of the episodes kept viewers on edge as they waited for Assane to prove himself to be the one and only to take down the Pellegrini clan.

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This article contains spoilers for Part 2 “Lupin”.

Part 1 of the French thriller-heist series Lupin was a big success on Netflix. Part 2 dropped on Netflix June 11.

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Omar Sy plays Assane Diop (Fargass Assande) in the show. He is a man who seeks revenge for his father’s 1995 murder. Babakar was framed by his former employer his, Hubert Pellegrini (HervePierre), for stealing a diamond pendant and had him executed in prison.

This article contains spoilers for Part 2

The series and Diop, as characters, draw inspiration from the adventures Arsene Lupin (a Sherlock Holmes-type master of disguise) in which Maurice Leblanc created it in the early 1900s.

Part 2 of “Lupin” takes place in the present. As Part 2 progresses, our gentle robber is forced on the run after he is framed for murder. The police discover his true identity.

Diop continues to escape capture, while committing a series of heists that culminates in Juliette (Clotilde Hesme), Hubert Pellegrini’s daughter. He makes his final stand and exposes Hubert for his crimes. This is the complete explanation of Part 2 of “Lupin”.

Philippe Courbet is Assane Diop’s accomplice in disguise

Philippe Courbet is Assane Diop's accomplice in disguise

Philippe Courbet (Stefan Crepon) is another secret fan of the Arsene Lupin Anthology. Courbet is first introduced as Hubert Pellegrini’s unscrupulous money manager who assists in embezzling funds for the charity Juliette founded. However, “Lupin” enjoys flashbacks to reveal its plot twists. These flashbacks show how the protagonist had a plan all along.


The final episode of “Lupin Part 2” reveals that Diop recruited Courbet to work at the library, where the most valuable editions of Arsene Lupin’s books are kept. (It seems you’re not a true lover if you decide read it on a Kindle). According to the series’ philosophy, any genuine fan can be trusted and considered a potential ally. Diop’s mastery in disguise transforms Courbet’s punk emo aesthetic into the more serious, bespectacled financier that we know.

Philippe Courbet is Assane Diop's accomplice in disguise

Pellegrini is a wealthy man, but his motivational drive is always to have more money. He loves and worships money, even toasting to “the source of the universe,” which he says is money. Our charismatic swindler Diop, through Courbet is able manipulate Pellegrini’s greed and use that against him. This tactic shows that Pellegrini ‘s greatest assets, his wealth his, and his connections his, are also his biggest liabilities of his. He’s made the mistaken information about Courbet’s identity through his connections. After meeting with Courbet, the money-grubbing tycoon becomes addicted to his profession of making people richer.

Detective Youssef Guedira is a reliable ally

Detective Youssef Guedira is a reliable ally

Assane diop must contend with corrupt law enforcement officers and Hubert Pellegrini in his pursuit to bring him to justice. Diop is well aware that the authorities will destroy any evidence he gives to police. We see just how powerful and connected Pellegrini when two detectives question his his and he calls his friend the Minister of Interior to the French government to get his release his. After detective Youssef Gedira (Soufiane Gurrab) saves Diop’s son, Diop feels that he can trust someone who is on the right side.

Guedira is a huge fan of Arsene Lupin books and this allows him to be closer than anyone else to Diop. Guedira quickly realizes that Diop is a pseudonym for Arsene Lupin, and he cleverly decodes an email message from Diop which leads him to a USB stick. All evidence against Pellegrini, his accomplicas his and Gabriel Dumont (Vincent Garanger) is contained in the drive. The detective discovers the extent and arrests Gabriel Dumont (Vincent Garanger), the police commissioner at the charity concert.

Detective Youssef Guedira is a reliable ally

Diop is incarcerated, but Guedira, just like the audience, is in awe at the thief’s skill and allows him escape. “Lupin,” repeatedly demonstrates that Lupin-loving detectives like Detective Guedira are different from the rest of society and more trustworthy.

The story’s end is symbolized by the diamond necklace.

Since Assane diop took the same diamond necklace Hubert Pellegrini accused of taking, he has given pieces of it to many accomplicas and even unwitting coconspirators. The final episode of “Lupin” Part 2 sees Diop make his last stand at Pellegrini’s family charity concert. After coercing Pellegrini to confess at knifepoint about his father’s murder, and the fabrication of the necklace theft, he takes the stage to call out Pellegrini. Diop escapes from the building disguised, but not before sending Youssef Guidira a recording of Pellegrini’s statement. The team then proceeds to arrest him. The last diamond in the necklace was used by Philippe Courbet to pay him for his involvement in the conspiracy. Now, the necklace is gone.

The story's end is symbolized by the diamond necklace.

Diop’s personal deconstruction during his quest for justice is mirrored in the dismantling the necklace. He has lived a chaotic and fragmented life, which leaves him without the stability that Claire (Ludivine Sgnier), his love interest his, needs. He can even change his appearance his like the necklace. It allows him to transform from one unit into an unrecognizable collection of parts. The parallels are even more obvious when Diop says goodbye to Claire (Etan Simon) and their her son Raoul (Etan Simon). He then vanishes into thin air as a squadron pursuing him appears. Diop has broken all ties and disappeared, just like the necklace. He had given up the precious gems in his life his : his son his, and the woman he loved.

All is not lost. George Kay, creator and showrunner of “Lupin”, told the New York Times Part 3 was already in development and would “be a departure into new adventures.”

Lupin’s Untold Truth

Lupin's Untold Truth

Netflix’s international success with the French series Lupin is a recent example of how the streaming giant has connected the world. The international streaming company had never been able to access foreign television shows before. Some British series, like Doctor Who and Downton Abbey made it to America, while formats from other countries were translated into American versions. Is there a French series that caught the attention of American viewers, like Netflix’s Lupin.

Netflix claims that Lupin had 70 million viewers within its first month. It also landed at the top in Brazil, Vietnam and Argentina. Lupin, which has reached the top spot in the US may be a touchstone moment in television. The French series, based on 100-year-old French books and centered around a gentleman thief in the early 20th century, is catching fire right now. Assane Diop is a Frenchman who happens to be the son and daughter of an African Immigrant. This creates a real social commentary on being an immigrant or a person of color. This series, just like the original books, exposes the ugly in high society. This feat is achieved by Omar Sy without even breaking a sweat. Lupin would be proud.


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