Murata Begins Next Arc! New Tweet Update


Fans of OPM are desperately looking forward to reading One Punch Man Chapter 169. The last chapter’s storyline was all about Garou’s ultimate powers. After taking Saitama back in time, he kept the promise of ending all things in a single punch. But we are not done with Garou just now. The defeated monster has the responsibility to pass on to Saitama. The hero also serves no purpose with all the powers that he has. And so, the long-awaited dialogue will finally commence in the next outing.

The next chapter of One Punch Man will bring Garou to the limelight. After the defeat, he will finally explain why he wants to become the Absolute Evil in the world. This dialogue might be especially moving for Saitama and would give him a purpose in life.

One Punch Man Chapter 169

One Punch Man Chapter 169: Murata’s New Tweet Shares Work Update!

With the vanishing of Garou, a lot of questions are lingering on the internet unanswered. But luckily, Murata always makes a note to share updates about the work. So, in the most recent tweet, the artist confirmed that his target her for the day is going to be “7 pencil cases, 12 at best.” Soon enough, fans began to speculate that this chapter was not going to be as tedious as the last one. Along with this, many fans started asking questions about what the next arc of this storyline was going to be. You can check out the tweet right here:


What Will Happen Next?

The act that fans are hoping to see in the next outing is a conversation between Garou and Saitama. This is where the villain will explain the reason behind why he wants to become Absolute Evil. Garou will reveal that he wants the world to unite and root for a monster that they all fear at once. This is the only way he can bring peace to this world. All he needed was unbiased peace and not biased justice.

There are children bullied on the streets who are not looking for a hero but looking for monsters who could create fear in the hearts of those who think of wrongdoings. And this is where he finally puts up the question about why Saitama was trying to be a hero. He did not have a sense of duty as Garou did. Thus, One Punch Man Chapter 169 is expected to bring out this part of the webcomic before moving forward with the next arc.

One Punch MOne Punch Man Chapter 169an Chapter 169

One Punch Man Chapter 169: Release Date

The expected release date of this chapter is nowhere near this week. Due to the delay in the past week, the release of One Punch Man Chapter 169 has been shifted to the next month. So, the next chapter of OPM, which commences the next act, will release on August 10, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of OPM’s website. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there are more updates on this. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get more updates right here.



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