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There are interesting updates from the fans of OPM. Last week’s release of One Punch Man was one of the most interesting yet satisfying outings of the series. There was a tweet from Murata that gave intel about the release of One Punch Man Chapter 167. Since the tweet, the entire internet is divided over the decision made by the artist. So, will there be a delay in the release? Here is all you need to know about the next chapter.

In the following outing, the genuine rage of Saitama will come to the floors. This will be one of the few occasions when Saitama’s actual powers will be seen on the screens. But Blast’s stand in this outing will be seen all at once.

One Punch Man Chapter 166

One Punch Man Chapter 167: What Will Happen Next?

One of the most recent updates on the same is about the manga getting delayed. The news comes from the official tweet by Murata. The artist shared that he had a set schedule of finishing around 32 pages in a week. However, the artist had been running over a delay about the same. Since then, the internet is divided about the same. Some of the fans talked about the need for taking an ample amount of rest at the same time.

Some of the other fans talked about the fact that Murata was being lazy with his work. As for the following storyline, One Punch Man Chapter 167 will focus on Garou and Saitama’s final round of combat. Along with the attacks that Garou is making, the fighter would have more attacks up his sleeves.

One Punch Man Chapter 167

Previous Chapter Recap!

One Punch Man Chapter 166 was titled “Squared.” The impact of the clashes over the common people was visible right at the beginning of this. After all the forces they had to contend with, people are on the verge of death. Blast told Garou that he was not aware of the powers that he held. Any error in his judgment could result in the destruction of the entire planet.

Then he said that anyone with abilities similar to his should be going to another dimension in order to keep the surroundings safe. Garou thought that all this was being done so that he is sent to the dimension only to be slain. However, Blast then warned that if he insisted on staying, then this would be a conflict between two supernatural entities with the power to alter reality and the cosmos.

One Punch Man Chapter 167

And so, Blast decided to fight Garou into abiding by this. But it was surprising to see that he was able to match Garou in the fight. Garou made his mind that he was going to kill Blast. Additionally, he also thought that he shouldn’t care about Tareo because it’s the appropriate thing for him to pass away. In the final act of the chapter, Garou launched a lot of nuclear fission attacks at Blast near the end of the chapter, which he successfully retaliated against.

One Punch Man Chapter 167: Release Details

The new updates suggest that there would come a lot of new activities and changes in the next outing. But things might not just be the same as they are. One Punch Man Chapter 167 is expected to release on Thursday, July 7, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on ONE’s official website. In addition, Viz and Shonen also release the regular chapters. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get more intel on this.



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