On Break For A Week! Release Date & Plot Details


There is an upsetting piece of news for the fans of Blue Lock. Blue Lock Chapter 180 was expected to release this week. But a sudden turn of events has led to a delay in the premiere. There was no official announcement from the makers. But the absence of raw scans led to the conclusion that the chapter is going to be on a break. So, here is everything that you need to know about the newest chapter.

The following storyline will see how Isagi identifies the plan that is working against him. And so, in a nick of time, he would have to come up with a counter move in order to get the last goal in their pockets. But all these answers will only come out after a week’s break.

Blue Lock Chapter 180

Blue Lock Chapter 180: What Will Happen Next?

Since the next chapter is on a break this week, the raw scans of the chapter are also taking time to release. The next outing will take a look at the same match. This time, the match will focus on the three main characters of the teams. This includes Nagi, Isagi, and Yukimiya. From the sidelines, Chris Prince will also be equally involved in all the affairs of the match. Nagi and Yukimiya have all the plans to target Isagi in this one.

But Isagi is also not a professional player without reason. The boy has been playing with such players for years now. Thus, Isagi would have a hint of what is happening around him. Blue Lock Chapter 180 will feature his side of the plan as things take a sharp turn with only a few minutes left.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The title of last week’s chapter of the popular manga, Blue Lock Chapter 179, was “Still Developing.” The previous chapter of Blue Lock started in a flashback sequence that took place in the meeting room of the England Manshine. A long and tedious conversation took place between Nagi and the team coach Chris Prince. The man said that he was not concerned about winning or losing. Instead, all he wanted to do was defeat Isagi in the game.

Chris replied that Nagi was either a genius or an eccentric man for thinking like this. The coach then said that if Nagi played active football, he might be able to get the upper hand that he is looking for. The chapter came to an end with the continuation of the game in the present. Both Seishiro Nagi and Yukimiya were ready to attack Isagi from both the sides.

Blue Lock Chapter 180

Blue Lock Chapter 180: Release Date

At first, the news of the delay was not taken lightly. But as the anime’s glimpse came to the table, fans are looking forward to waiting more for the chapter. So, Blue Lock Chapter 180 will release the next week without any delay. The final release date is July 13, 2022. Fans will be able to watch all the chapters of the manga only on the formal pages of Kodansha. Thus, stay in touch with The Anime Daily for more updates like this.



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