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Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 110 will change everything between Akutsu and Ooyama. Well, Akutsu is famous for teasing Ooyama. She always comes up with a plan to create a mess in his life. But this time, her mom will be the mom who did it. They are unprepared for that, and things soon turn comedic in their life.

In the upcoming chapter, Akutsu will be drunk. She will start revealing her past her. Akutsu will talk about her mom and her her bond her with her. Later she will open up about her feelings which will leave Ooyama shocked. Now he wants to know more, but things won’t work out as he expected. Keep reading to know more.

Please Go Home Akutsu San Chapter 110

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 110: What Will Happen Next?

Akutsu accidentally drank some alcohol from her mom’s drink. Now she’s intoxicated. She was feeling unwell and hugged Ooyama. He will appear surprised to see such behavior. However, he will soon realize that she is n’t in her senses her. So Ooyama will try his best to let her get off him. But it won’t be that easy. Further, Akustu will start babbling about her feelings her. She will discuss her bond her with her mom and how much she misses those days.

Akutsu will continue to share her feelings. She will finally open up her feelings for Ooyama. He will appear surprised by this and want to learn more. But she will pass out soon, leaving her conversation in the middle. Ooyama will be curious to know more of her and he will start seeing her differently. But he will let her sleep in his bed her and will go and eat some sushi while wondering what he has heard just now.

Please Go Home Akutsu San Chapter 110

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 109, Akutsu paid a visit to Ooyama. He knew her tricks her and decided to install the camera in and out of his house her. Now that Akutsu knew about this, she didn’t want to play any prank on him. But they heard a knock at their door when they tried to settle down. Akutsu thought it was the pervert from the last night. But later, they learned that it was Akutsu’s mom, and she was drunk too.

Ooyama allowed her to enter, but Akutsu wasn’t happy about it. Soon her mom started talking about her daughter her and how she looked when she was a kid. She showed Ooyama some of Akutsu’s old pictures of her. Later Akutsu asked her why she came to Ooyama’s house. She responded that she had brought some sushi for them. Later Akutsu’s mom drank more alcohol and passed out. She called her dad to pick her mom up.

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 110

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 110: Release Date

Please Go Home Akutsu San follows a weekly release pattern. So we can expect that chapter 110 will release on June 27, 2022. It will finally reveal Akutsu ‘s true feelings her and how things will change between her and Ooyama. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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