Paradise Pd Season 3 Review : What’s happened ?

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Paradise PD Season 3 is created by Roger Black, Waco O’Guin and takes place after the town has received a deep-fried pizza. The police department is required to deal with both the consequences and personal issues. You will find a lot of political commentary and pop culture references in the building. It also contains some of the most bizarre moments you have ever witnessed. The building is shared by everyone, from voice actors to sound designers to directors to writers. It is therefore one of the most entertaining and grossest viewing experiences.


Season 3 is comprised of 12 episodes. It follows the events and suspense from Season 2.

Paradise Pd

This show is inspired from real situations with an extra touch of humor. Adults will find the humor more amusing as there are a lot swearing, rude humor, and drug use in each episode.

Season 3 dives deeper into these revelations. Randall (Tom Kenny), wants another child while Kevin (David Herman), his firstborn his, wants to move on from Gina (Sarah Chalke). Kevin is wrong. Gina only likes overweight men because she has a bullet in her brain.

Fitz (Cedric Yanbrough), who was possessed for 2 seasons by his alter-ego and is responsible for the destruction Paradise, emerges from the destruction to discover that he is actually married. Paradise is rebuilding itself after it was possessed by a dolphin.

The story of season 3 was already shaping up to be enticing. Indeed, after the end of season 2 and everyone has to hide in sewer.

Paradise Pd Season 3: What’s Happened?

Paradise Pd

Season 3 mostly saw “paradis” in a destructive state due to the climax of season 2. Thus, we see some main storylines in the show. On the one hand, seizures, hiding from the mutants that formed as a result of the pizza giant. And on the other hand, the mutants who think it’s down to fitz and he’s the culprit. Yet it was the linchpin in his mind.

The mutants

mutants paradise pd

It’s a beloved arc in which we see the resolution in the ending when the mutants are turned away.
But critically it wasn’t as complete moment of satisfaction. Maybe it was because agent clappers cam after a few episodes and started
lead the mutant gang. we have the impression that we have seen a little less mutants and more tap dancing.

Nevertheless, the mutant characters remain comical on several occasions. Whether at the appearance of their gang or the way they acted, all throughout Season 3 revolves around the Chief and his need for another child. It was the one we saw the most and provided plenty of funny moments from Season 3.

The particular moment that stands out is when the fetus and tries to attack the leader. This provided plenty of laughs and hints at a story development that we expect to see in season 4 of the show. Definitely, we will see a stewie of a family type character as he tries to take down Kevin once he is born.

Gina & Kevin

Gina & Kevin

The other main storyline is that of kevin and gina together is the one who smelled a little spontaneous. Considering the fact that gina had never considered kevin in the past. However it was good to see Kevin finally get something he wanted for once.
Unfortunately, this was only for a few episodes as they needed to be broken up. Why? Because gina is only attracted to fat people. And when she pulls the ball back, she loses her ability to be essentially badass. So it was either be with Kevin and lose all his friends his or lose Kevin and save everyone.

Suddenly she annihilates the celebrity extremist organization in the end felt like a good fit for this arc of resolve and I don’t think we will
see the couple show their affection for again.

Another major detail in the season that didn’t come to fruition until the end, the island that robbie and delbert formed was actually dobby actually being a mutant and standing as tall as a building. This then led to the dobby taking heaven and destroying it in a godzilla-like fashion and essentially turning it right side up.


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Paradise Pd Season 3 Reviews

The Season 3 story arcs were really enjoyable and funny to watch. The previous season with the pivot being the continuous underlying villain throughout the entire show. Waited we had dobby destroy heaven at end, it was literally in the final minutes into the season. And also mutants wanting to take it down.

Paradise Pd

However season 3 provided plenty of laughs loud moments. Some might say that a lot of jokes focus on gross dirty stuff. But with this show, we push the limit where it’s not ok and push it even further point. Also, it seems that the loop is closed and is acceptable for the show to be jokingly. It’s a uniquely acquired taste for comedy.
Some will like it and some won’t.

The Characters

The chief of season 3

chief paradise pd

The chef was by far the funniest character on the show. It has such a short fuse and blows so easily that it provides real laughs. And loud moments when he doesn’t get what he wants. Incidentally, he ends up being the but of the joke in the first episode.
The best part was when her body was taken care of. So we see a tough exterior and someone who is n’t he so good at his job. But deep down he just wants to be a good father and partner.


kevin paradise pd

kevin is a great character to watch. Indeed, it represents the character that you would most likely have find in real life. Either, a stupid person who never really understands what they want and always ends up at the bottom of the stack. While others doreally.
Proper to his role, Kevin in this season has matured enough to be in a relationship. And finally go through something that will turn him more into a man in spite of the boy we’ve seen everywhere.


fritz paradise pd

The most interesting of all the characters. Having the mutants on his back his and a relationship with a female dolphin was crazy. There have been many pretty tragic moments throughout the show for this character.
Because of the circumstances in which he found himself but he was certainly part of the greatest the story. And was one of the key moments of the plot development. Moreover, this is the season when the character is less in his role. He took a step back this season and didn’t really have his own thing. In short, he was not involved as usual.


We saw a lot of gina in season 3.

gina paradise pd

Whether it’s her desire to be with dusty or his relationship with kevin. To be taken over by the artificial the intelligence or its annihilation of the team at the end.
Gina is the toughest character in the crew and she is the only person who seems competent in his work. At the end of the season, we saw her running away her so we do n’t know where she ended up or if she will make a comeback in the season. Besides, we think she’ll be with


This guy is one of the funniest characters on the show.

dusry paradise pd

He is so naive in everything and hence we always end up laughing at him. On the other hand, the story where Dusty joined Weight Watchers is pretty awesome. And it ended converting everyone to join his big cold his. This episode is absolutely hilarious.
This guy is definitely a favorite crew characters.


We don’t know where to start with this character.

hobson paradise pd

Hobson is just pure shit but in a funny way. Because we see every part of him and we see everything he does. He wasn’t part of any crucial arc but he backed into the story. On the one hand for the boss wants a baby and also by marrying the mayor’s mother.
Hobson serves his purpose well in the show and go beyond borders.


There were many moments outside the main scenario. As in episode 1 with the chef and his anus his was pure filth. So, let’s recognize that this show is a masterclass. This shows how different Paradis PD is from other netflix shows.
The nature of humor is the most comparable to largemouth.


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