Premiere Report: Dr. STONE Special Episode – RYUSUI World Premiere – Anime Expo 2022

When I hear that something is an OVA or special, I usually assume that it is a side story or maybe a retelling that gives additional context to situations that happen in the main story. However, Dr. Stone: Ryusui is a straightforward continuation of the main series. Just under an hour long, this special can easily be regarded as a combination of episode one and two of season three, complete with a rather cute recap of the first two seasons in the form of a stage play (Chrome playing Senku was a hilarious highlight ). That said, the special largely revolves around the titular new character Ryusui, who the kingdom of science recruits because they need an experienced captain to help take them across the world. However, the catch that comes with his skill his is his large, aggressive and greedy personality his that easily influences those around him.

I do find it funny that Ryusui gets introduced right after Tsukasa gets taken out of the picture, since this guy is pretty much the embodiment of everything that he hated. Ryusui even attempts to introduce money and the idea of ​​market value to everybody as a way of one-upping Senku to remain on top. However, there are two things that surprisingly hold this guy back from being unlikable. The first is his incredibly charismatic personality. This is a man who knows what he wants and believes in the potential to make everything around him into his possession his, but he ‘s not cynical or cruel about it. While he was clearly born with a golden spoon in his mouth, his skills and intellect his practically rival Senku’s.

Right before the special started, the audience was shown a special recorded thank you message from the voice actors of Senku and Ryusui. The two talked about how successfully the show has resonated with people and how it has gotten them into crafting. I did like the part of the video where the two discussed house Senku and Ryusui are alike in that they both are very knowledgeable and have great leadership skills even though they come from different places. It’s always nice to have confirmation that the actors have a deep understanding of both the characters they play and their dynamics with other characters.


That brings me to the second thing that makes me like Ryusui: he’s just as capable of being manipulated. Ryusui tries to one up everybody and come out on top, but Senku and friends have their own devious methods of working around things. Their dynamic highlights what I think is the main underlying message of this entire special: greed, while often regarded as a vice to be avoided, is not only a natural part of human development, but essential in motivating people to reach new heights. Ryusui might be a greedy rich kid, but his desire to possess everything has made him work hard at developing the skills necessary to conquer. Obviously you shouldn’t take it too far but I do think that is a good message that we don’t often come across these days.

Ryusui isn’t just about these two, however, and other characters get their time in the spotlight as well. Yuzuriha gets her own segment her talking about crafting and making cloth. Chrome and some of the other members of Ishigami village demonstrate that even if you aren’t book smart, the experience you gain from just living in a simple village by the ocean can be a valuable contribution as well. In short, everyone shows that they have something to offer. Senku can sometimes come across as this all-knowing character, but I really like how genuinely surprised and invested he is in what other people bring to the table.

While the special does cover a good amount of ground and has a proper climax, the ending definitely sneaks up on you rather abruptly. This is far from a self-contained package narratively even if thematically it comes together quite strongly. What’s more, this special is canon and thus may be considered essential viewing for franchise fans, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Personally, I am a bit confused as to why this special was separated and made as some kind of weird in between season two and three but answering those questions are beyond my capabilities. As someone who watched season one and two, I certainly enjoyed the special, and I know I wasn’t alone as the crowd audibly laughed and cheered at every waking moment. Definitely can’t wait for this to come to streaming platforms later on in the year so other fans can enjoy it just as well!


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