Preview Video Out! How Will The Season End? Release Date


The official YouTube channel of the publishing house of Shield Hero Season 2 Finale released a preview video recently. The production for the anime also released preview images from the upcoming finale episode. The grand battle between Kyo and Naofumi is finally coming to its culmination. Season 2 of the anime recently completed its 12 episodes. It is time for season 2 to end the epic tale to its result. But before coming up to further details, here are some updates about the source light novel of the anime, which you should know!

Aneko Yusagi has written the source light novel for the recurring anime. However, Seira Minami has illustrated the light novel in its mangaka form. Media Factory has been publishing the light novel digitally on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website. The original run of the light novel started on August 22, 2013. Let’s move ahead to the details without any further ado!

Shield Hero Season 2 Finale: Preview Out!

The preview video of the Shield Hero season 2 Finale appeared on the official YouTube channel of Kadokawa. The preview video explores the past memories of the lead character Naofumi. The arrival of all the heroes from the parallel universes is mentioned in the preview video of the anime. The series of events along the whole storyline is discovered in the short video. Moreover, the video also has the calm composure of Naofumi.

The visual images from the finale episode seem to be quite joyful. It seems that the finale will give an emotional trail with a happy ending. Fans expect that the episode will take the audience on the complete ride of actions, emotions, and comedy.

Shield Hero Season 2 Finale

What Will The Happen In The End?

According to the minute details from the preview video, it seems that the finale episode will not include back to back action performance. Critics have speculated that the season finale may take the fans on an emotional ride with the characters. It will explore the past life journey and all the precious moments from the whole of the anime. But the reaction of the lead character, in the end, is quite troublesome.

The lead character Naofumi was surprised at the end of the preview video. So, this implies that there will be a new entry in the finale episode of the anime. However, it seems that the makers are planning to end the finale episode of the anime with a cliffhanger. The ending should be shocking enough to assign it as a cliffhanger.

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Shield Hero Season 2 Finale

Shield Hero Season 2 Finale: Release Date

The Shield Hero Season 2 finale will release on June 29, 2022. The sequel has previously released 12 episodes. Therefore, the 13th episode will be the finale. That’s it for today and till then, enjoy other articles from The Anime Daily Team!



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