Right Stuf, Nozomi Ent. to Release Macross 7 on Home Video in N. America for 1st Time – News

Right Stuff and Nozomi Entertainment announced at their panel at Anime Expo on Saturday that they have licensed the Macross 7 anime, and will release it in two Blu-Ray Disc sets, with both a regular edition and a “collector’s ultra edition” release with bonus content. This is the first time the anime has been licensed in North America since its 1994 premiere.

The first set will include the first 29 episodes plus the anime shorts, and the second set will include episodes 30-49 and Macross 7 Encore.

Nozomi Entertainment describes the anime:

It is the year AD 2045.

The seventh New Macross-class vessel, Macross 7, home to over one million inhabitants, journeys in search of habitable planets. Having departed Earth seven years earlier, the fleet is continuing on its journey when its flagship is suddenly attacked.

Meanwhile, at an outdoor venue in a park in Macross City, the rock band FIRE BOMBER has just started its opening set. The band’s lineup includes passionate lead vocalist and guitarist, Basara, bassist and singer, Mylene (the seventh daughter of Max and Milia Jenius), the laid-back founding member and keytarist, Ray, and on drums, the Meltran of few words, Veffidas .

Their gig is just starting to go off when things are interrupted by the attack on the fleet. What is the identity of the mysterious enemy fleet and the true purpose of their attack? The inhabitants of Macross 7 are soon caught up in a nightmarish conflict, the likes of which they could never have imagined.

Macross 7 ran from October 1994 to September 1995 with 49 episodes. The series spawned a number of spinoff OVAs, including Macross 7 Plus, Macross 7 Encoreand Macross Dynamite 7. The anime also inspired Macross FB7: Ore no Uta o Kike!a 2012 crossover film retelling the events of Macross 7 as a story within the Macross Frontier anime.

Big West CEO Kaya Onishi commented on the Macross 7 release: “MACROSS 7 is the first MACROSS series I was involved with the production of. Its 49 episodes were broadcast over the course of a year and the series’ unique protagonist Basara Nekki, who flew into battle not to fight but to sing, proved to be especially popular with Japanese fans. Seeing this, I realized just how wonderful the power of music was. As a result, I decided that I wanted to continue to provide fans with the sort of music and experiences that would not only move them, but would also remain with them. I’m overjoyed to now have the opportunity to bring the Macross franchise, which embodies the power of such music, to a global audience. I hope that you’ll sing, laugh and cry along with Basara, Ranka, Sheryl and Freyja watching them on Blu-ray!”

Big West and Nozomi Entertainment also announced at Anime Expo on Friday that they will release the Macross Frontier and Macross Delta anime on home video.

Big West, Studio Nueand Harmony Gold USA announced in April 2021 that the companies agreed to allow the immediate distribution of most Macross television sequels and films globally. The companies agreed to cooperate on the distribution of future Macross and Robotech projects.

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