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SECRET CITY SEASON 3. A political thriller is the best way to grab our attention. It can keep viewers on edge of their seats if done well. Political thrillers are great for binging because of the captivating nature of this type. Netflix, streaming giant, is well aware of this. Their first original content, House of cards, was a political thriller.

They have continued to add content to this genre, and one of their most notable additions is ‘Secret City,’ an Australian political thriller that has had two successful seasons on the streaming service. We have everything we know so far about the upcoming season.

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SECRET CITY SEASON 3 Cast: Who’s there?

SECRET CITY SEASON 3 Cast: Who's there?

Anna Torv, who plays Harriet Dunkley (Karen Koutoufides’ senior media advisor), leads Secret City’s cast. Torv is most well-known for her role her on Mindhunter, which featured the role of Dr Wendy Carr.

We talked earlier about Karen’s role as Karen played by Danielle Cormack. Season 2’s Karen portrays a strong Independent MP for Wakefield and looks exactly like Jacqui Lambie, an ex-Australian senator. The Canberra Times interviewed Danielle about his role and said, “There were so many amazing politicians to draw upon for this role.

We talked about Jacqui lambie in the writer’s area, but I also looked at some independent MPs in the country, as well as women politicians, who have lobbied for policies that have changed the lives many women. Karen is someone who needs to be heard. She hasn’t been heard and speaks for the marginalized. It is indicative of her character.

SECRET CITY SEASON 3 Cast: Who's there?

Jacki Weaver plays Catriona Bailey, Home Secretary. Sacha Horler, who was Ludie Sypek’s Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Ewan Garrity in season 1, reaffirmed her role as host of the political panel SKY in season 2. Joel Tobeck portrays Jim Hellier, the Minister for Defense, while Don Haney plays Ewan Garrity , the Australian Prime Minister.

Laura Gordon plays Caroline Treloa in Season 2. Treloa was a drone pilot who saw combat in Afghanistan. Gordon had some interesting words to say about her character her. “I loved playing Cal. She’s great and fragile, and all that stuff. But I’m not allowed too much to say about her. In the first episode, she is on the run. There are many people in Canberra and military who want to see what she has. It’s dangerous, it’s mysterious, and it’s an exciting reward.

Secret City Plot: What’s it all about?

Secret City Plot: What's it all about?

Secret City Season 1

Secret City Season 1

Secret City Season 1 features Harriet Dunkley as a political reporter for The Daily Nation in Canberra. In her quest for the truth, the reporter from the press gallery uncovers a secret conspiracy at work. This explosive secrecy threatened not only his career her but also every Australian’s way of living. Season 1 takes place against the backdrop of increasing tensions between China, America.

Secret City Season 2

Secret City Season 2

Season 2 of ‘Secret City” shows Harriet breaking out of prison. She is then unwittingly caught up in a cover-up that involves a military and political conspiracy. It appears that Carolina Bailey is involved. Bailey was the Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Season 1. He is now the Home Secretary in Season 2. However, it turns out that Bailey is spying on the Chinese.


This could have a negative impact on the Australian military. In a significant way. Season 2 sees Harriet return to power and politics to discover a secret military agenda that even the nation’s prime minster doesn’t know. noted the fascination of the show’s return, given the turbulent time in which Australian politics are currently undergoing.

The unifying theme in both seasons

The unifying theme in both seasons is the protagonist, a tireless muckraker who fights for truth and transparency within Australia’s halls. Season 1 of Secret City is loosely inspired by the bestsellers by Chris Uhlmann (political journalist) and Steve Lewis (story consultant). The novels are called ‘The Marmalade Files and ‘The Mandarin Code. Filming was primarily done in Canberra, Sydney and the Houses of Parliament.


Season 1 of “Secret City”, which focuses on the current geopolitical climate, presents a great techno-spy thriller. Season 2 asks questions about democracy and who is really ruling Australia. “Secret City,” a series that critically examines democracy and its relationship to foreign and domestic power, and the ways in which authoritarian governments sacrifice democracy for security, is a great example of how the “Secret City”.

Although it provides a roadmap for most countries, Secret City doesn’t hide its ideology of portraying interference foreign powers (including the United States) in a negative light. It was notable for its feminist approach, which made all of the show’s power players women.

Secret City Season 3 Release Date: When does it premiere?

Secret City Season 3 Release Date: When does it premiere?

The first episode of ‘Secret City Season 1’ aired on June 5, 2016, with the final episode airing July 3, 2016. Season 2 of ‘Secret City,’ better known as “Secret City: Under the Eagle”, premiered March 6 , 2019. Netflix holds international distribution rights to Season 1 and Season 2.

We don’t yet have any official announcements about the next season. We’d be shocked if the show doesn’t get another season, given its popularity. We believe Secret City Season 3 will be released in March 2020 if the series is renewed. This section will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.


You can refresh your memories while you wait for Season 3 to be announced. To catch up on all episodes from the previous seasons, visit Netflix.

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