Shironeko Project Season 2 Release Date?

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We are glad to inform you that season 2 of Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle is now available. This series’ second season is now available. We have all the information you need. Before I start, let me briefly mention the Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle season 1.

Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle, a Japanese anime serial that was released recently on April 6, 2020 and concluded on June 22, 2020. This anime had 12 episodes. This anime series was the most popular among all other animes that premiered within the past few months. Within a month of its debut, it occupied a spot in the top 10 most viewed Japanese anime series. The first Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle season was a huge success and now fans are eagerly awaiting announcements about upcoming seasons.

It received an IMDb rating 6.8 out 10 which is excellent. It received great reviews and a high response from the audience. As creators praised it, this has made the series a huge success. This post will contain all information regarding the release date and cast. I am sure that my audience is eagerly awaiting the details about Season 2 of Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle.

When will Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle Season 2 be released?

Shironeko Project Season 2

It’s difficult to predict when season 2 of Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle will be released. It is possible that it will be released in the first half 2021. If the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t continue for too long, then this is possible. If all goes well, then creators will be able to return next year with a new season.

These dates are only an estimate, as the creators have not confirmed anything. The first season of this series was released April 6, 2020. It proved to be a huge success for the creators, so a second season is certain. A new season will also be released worldwide if it is created by the creators.

As season 1 was a huge success, we can expect a new season. There has not been any confirmation so we will wait to hear about it. We will update this post if we receive any announcements from the creators of the series.

White Cat Project Review!

Shironeko Project Season 2

Fans had high expectations for the anime due to the popularity of the video game franchise. It certainly didn’t live up to those expectations. It’s one of those shows with more negatives than it has positives. The show’s premiere episode was its lowest point. Every aspect of the series is in need of improvement, from its soundtracks to its characters or story.

Many viewers dropped the anime halfway through, as it continued to get duller and less interesting. The show’s only real strength was its animation. Despite not having a story or character development, the action sequences aren’t very interesting, but they do look great. Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle is a poor animation show. It was rated as one of the worst shows last year.

Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle Series 2: Renewal Status

Shironeko Project Season 2

The anime’s debut season didn’t do well, as we mentioned above. The anime received mostly negative or mixed reviews from the public and did not impress critics. White Cat Project received a low score of 5.30 from MyAnimeList. This is way too low in comparison to other shows of the same type. The anime had nothing to promote other than the game. After all the negative reactions, it seems unlikely that Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle Season 2 will be invested in by the production company. It is very unlikely that the anime will return to screen.


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Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle Characters, and Their Voice Artists

Shironeko Project Season 2

From the very beginning of season 1, all the characters are amazing. The characters are all very well-crafted and created with great imaginations, keeping in mind the story. As the anime audience was expecting strong and powerful characters, the characters were exactly what they got. These are some of the most well-known characters from this anime:

  • Hories Yiu screams Iris
  • Kaji Yuki speaks for the Prince of Darkness
  • Takanashi Kengo voices Adelle
  • Akagi Susumu – King of Darkness
  • Teo was sung by Iwabata Takuya
  • Nakamura Chise – Sima
  • Groza
  • Alantia
  • Valas

Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle Lead Character: Iris


Shironeko Project Season 2

Although the trailer for season 2 of Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle is not yet available, you can still enjoy the trailer for season 1. It has already been viewed over 500,000 times in less than a month. This trailer will help you to guess the popularity of this series among the audience. We will keep you posted if we receive any updates regarding the trailer for season 2 of Shironeko Project Zero Chronicle.

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Production details for Season 1

Shironeko Project Season 2

The anime’s first season was released on April 6, 2020. It ended on June 22, 2020 with 12 amazing episodes. Every Monday, at 22:00 JST, a new episode was released. Masato Jimbo directed and wrote this series and it is produced by NBCUniversal Japan, COLOPL Kadokawa and Gree. It’s a series of adventure and fantasy anime. It premiered on AT-X and Tokyo MX.

These are the details we have about season 2 anime. We will update this post if there are any new updates regarding season 2. Stay tuned to Otakukart to receive any updates regarding this anime.


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