Soldier Boy Is He The Father Of Homelander ?

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Because Homelander is a super-powered superhero who has all the power but chooses to be a deranged madman that manipulates people emotionally and mentally, he is one of most controversial characters in fiction. Season 3 of The Boys provided some insight into Homelander’s history and origins. The biggest twist was when it was revealed that Homelander was a result of a genetic experiment. Does this mean Homelander was created in a laboratory?

Jonah Vogelbaum used to be Vought’s lead scientist and Homelander could have been created in his lab. Vogelbaum actually requested Soldier Boy’s sperm to help him with a genetic experiment. This was the birth of Homelander.

Soldier Boy Is He Homelander Father ?

The most surprising twist in this series is that Soldier Boy was actually Homelander’s son. His semen was used for the creation of the perfect specimen to replace him. It would be interesting to see what the father-son relationship turns out to be, especially considering the possibility that Soldier Boy and Homelander might team up in the future.

Was Homelander Made In A Lab?

Was Homelander Made In A Lab?

We know that the supes of The Boys were not created naturally. The supes were actually created by babies being given Compound V. This allowed them to gain powers from an early age. This was the most shocking revelation in the series, and Vought had no choice but to reveal it to the public.

Although most of The Boys’ supes were genetically enhanced by giving them Compound V in infancy, Homelander is the most mysterious. He didn’t have traditional parents like the other supes. Starlight or Annie January, for example, grew up with their parents her even though Vought paid them to make their baby a Compound V test subject. Homelander, on the other side, never had the chance to have the same family life as the other supes.

Was Homelander Made In A Lab?

Homelander saw Madelyn stillwell as a mother figure for a time. In the series, it was also mentioned that Homelander’s biological mom was a mentally ill woman who died during childbirth. His father his, however, remained a mystery.

Homelander discovered that he was not created by the traditional means of creating a supe. He didn’t have any parents who allowed Vought inject Compound V into him. He was instead raised in a laboratory by Jonah Vogelbaum who was Vought’s head scientist. He subjected him too harsh experiments to see if he would become a powerful supe. His exact origins his are still unknown, but he was discovered in season 3.

Season 3 was when Payback’s members were given the signal to hand Soldier Boy over to the Russians. This would allow Vought to replace Soldier Boy with someone younger and stronger. Vogelbaum had a young boy in his lab that Vogelbaum wanted to raise so that he could be a strong supe and surpass Soldier Boy. That boy was, of course, Homelander. Does this mean Homelander was created in the lab?

Was Homelander Made In A Lab?

Yes, Homelander could have been a test tube child that Vought had created in a laboratory to create the perfect supe strong enough for Soldier Boy. Vought couldn’t have created a perfect specimen because of the unpredictable and random nature Compound V.

There is good reason to believe Homelander was created in a Vought laboratory. These genetic experiments were conducted by Vought to find a replacement for Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy was the most famous supe in company history before Homelander.

Who “Created” the Homelander?


In both seasons 2 & 3, it was mentioned that Jonah Vogelbaum was the scientist who raised Homelander in a laboratory. Season 3 actually mentions that he requested a sample of Soldier Boy’s semen for a genetic experiment.

It is clear that Homelander was created and raised in a laboratory by Vogelbaum. He was about to talk before Congress about what he did while he was working for Vought.

It is possible that Homelander was created artificially in a controlled laboratory setting. It is possible that Homelander was a test tube baby created from the semen and egg cells of two different donors.

Who is Homelander’s biological father?

Who is Homelander's biological father?

The series’ biggest revelation came in episode 7 of The Boys season 3, when Soldier Boy was about to kill Mindstorm. Mindstorm informed Soldier Boy that Vought had allowed Payback to give him the Russians as he was about to die. He was going to be replaced with someone stronger and more agile. Soldier Boy was stunned to hear this from Mindstorm and proceeded with his shield his to kill his former ally his.

After that, he assembled the pieces and realized that Homelander was his father. He called Homelander to inform him that he had donated some of his own semen his to Vogelbaum to conduct some kind of genetic experiment. Vogelbaum was able to use his genetic abilities his to create a specimen with his strength and invulnerability.

Who is Homelander's biological father?

While we know Soldier Boy is Homelander’s biological father, it is not clear who his biological mother was. A genetic scientist would want to create the perfect specimen using the genetics from the strongest two candidates. Homelander actually had the idea to keep Maeve alive to allow him to use her eggs her to create perfect children. She is the strongest female supra in the world.

Who is Homelander's biological father?

Stormfront is probably the best candidate to donate an embryo cell because she has been around as long as Soldier Boy. Although she was still called Liberty at the time, Homelander’s ability to fly suggests that she may have been the egg cell donor who allowed Vogelbaum create Soldier Boy-like specimens.

Soldier Boy Is He The Father Of Homelander ?

Soldier Boy Is He The Father Of Homelander ?

The theme of Homelander, Soldier Boy’s upgrade to the legendary supe in 1984, was a constant theme throughout The Boys. Because Homelander is more powerful than Soldier Boy and has greater powers, it’s no surprise that he is stronger. Soldier Boy showed that he was almost as powerful than Homelander. It seems strange that Vought “lucked” upon two powerful supes who are virtually unkillable and can withstand the weight of a thousand men.

We did get to see them both in action when they faced off against each other in a battle of the strongest supes. In episode 6, Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie almost killed Homelander. In episode 7, Soldier Boy continued his quest to find all members of Payback and kill them. Mindstorm was the next item on his list his.

Soldier Boy Is He The Father Of Homelander ?

While Soldier Boy was searching for Mindstorm, there were a few scenes in which Black Noir was mentally unstable. His imaginary cartoon friends his were telling him stories about Soldier Boy ‘s past his, and that he needed to face those pasts and conquer them. These scenes revealed that Black Noir was being bullied and abused by Soldier Boy. He didn’t want anyone to be as popular than he was. Soldier Boy made sure all Payback members were below him and forced them to abuse each other in their training sessions.

Stan Edgar allowed Black Noir and the rest Payback to sell Soldier Boy to Russia. Jonah Vogelbaum, Vought scientist, was creating a young boy who could fly and was stronger than Soldier Boy. This was Homelander, which Vogelbaum created to replace Soldier Boy.

Soldier Boy Is He The Father Of Homelander ?

He returned to Soldier Boy and Mindstorm to find his former ally. Hughie on the other side had other plans and teleported Mindstorm into Butcher. Mindstorm had already trapped Butcher in an interminable nightmare that would ultimately kill him. But Hughie said to Mindstorm that he would save Butcher.

Soldier Boy snatched up on them and was able to track Mindstorm down while obtaining information. Soldier Boy explained to him that he knew Black Noir was going to betray him, but he wanted to find out why Vought let Payback betray him. Mindstorm then told Soldier Boy something that was unintelligible from both Butcher’s and Hughie’s perspectives. We saw that Soldier Boy was disbelieving Mindstorm’s words before he killed himself.

Homelander was contacted by Soldier Boy in the final scenes. He informed him that things have changed. Soldier Boy then told the powerful supe that it was his son his.

In this regard, Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the timelines add up. Soldier Boy was active when Homelander was a small boy in Vought’s lab. It makes sense that Homelander also has Soldier Boy’s physical capabilities, in that he is strong and durable at higher levels.

How Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father ?

How Soldier Boy is Homelander's father ?

The biggest question is how Homelander could be Soldier Boy’s child. Soldier Boy was probably in disbelief when Mindstorm told him this because he likely never believed it was possible.

Soldier Boy also told Homelander that he had given some of his sperm back to Vogelbaum in their telephone call. He most likely used the sample for experiments on creating a test tube child in the shape of Homelander. The test tube baby theme was teased in an earlier episode.

Episode 7 confirmed that Queen Maeve is still alive, and Homelander was simply keeping her in a secure facility she couldn’t escape. Homelander explained to her why he kept her alive. He was going to harvest her eggs her in order for him to create powerful children. This is understandable, as Maeve was the strongest woman in the entire world.

How Soldier Boy is Homelander's father ?

To return to our original point, Vogelbaum used Soldier Boy’s eggs to create a powerful new supe to replace him in the 1980s. The timelines add up due to the fact that Homelander was conceived in 1981, when Soldier Boy was still an active supe.

Soldier Boy, who was the strongest supe prior to Homelander, was clearly the best candidate for the job. Vought believed it best to replace Soldier Boy with Homelander because of his abusive nature his.

Who is Homelander’s Mother?

Who is Homelander's Mother?

What does this mean for Homelander’s mother now that we know that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father? We all know that Madelyn Stillwell was Homelander’s closest mother. But what about his biological mom?

It was once believed that Homelander’s mother, a mentally ill woman, died after giving birth to her. We all know that Vought loves to create stories depending on their agenda. However, this might not be true. And this leads us to a disturbing possibility–Stormfront.

Stan Edgar, Black Noir’s cartoonish character, told him that Soldier Boy’s replacement is stronger than him and can fly. We all know Soldier Boy was the source of Homelander’s strength and endurance his. But what about his flying ability?

Because Compound V tends to give random powers depending on who uses it, it can be quite unpredictable. It is possible that Homelander’s heat vision was the random power that Compound V gave him, but it also could be that Stormfront gave him his ability to fly.

Vought could have used the egg from an extremely powerful supe in order to create Homelander. The chances of creating a stronger Soldier Boy were high if they used the egg of a human mother to bear Homelander. Vought may have also taken Stormfront’s eggs so they could make a new supe with her ability to fly.

Who is Homelander's Mother?

This fits the timeline, as Stormfront, then called Liberty, existed during Soldier Boy’s tenure as top supe. Soldier Boy said even that Liberty and he started Herogasm decades ago. Given that Stormfront was primarily interested in creating a race perfect beings, it is possible she donated her eggs to Vought to help them create Homelander.

Yes, it sounds alarming because Homelander had a sexual relationship Stormfront. However, The Boys are able to handle anything no matter how bizarre or disturbing. Although this speculation is only speculative, it is still possible that Stormfront is Homelander’s biological mother.


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