Spy X Family Episode 12 Review : What’s Happpened ?

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Loid doesn’t seem to be having a good time in Spy x Family Episode 12. And this time it’s not because of Anya. Let’s take a look at what got Loid the most excited about Spy x Family Episode 12!



Spy x Family has seen Anya work hard at school to earn Stella Stars in order to support her father’s mission. Loid is n’t satisfied with her grades or overall performance her in academics.

Loid, in addition to studying, decides that Anya has other talents that can help her get Stella Stars. Anya fails to excel in all three areas Loid has tested her in: music, drawing, and sports. Anya agrees that her father her will find a way to get Stella for her .Available in India the Same Day as Japan


Loid then takes Anya to the hospital to help as a volunteer. Anya is shocked to learn that a boy who had gone through rehab ended up breaking things. The boy falls into the pool and begins droning after he walks towards it. Anya uses her powers her to locate the boy and rushes to the pool to save him.

Anya, a child herself has difficulty pulling the boy out. Loid follows her to the pool and rescues both of them. Anya saves the boy and gets lots of praise for her bravery. She is awarded a Stella.

Spy x Family Episode 12 Overview

SPY X FAMILY EPISODE 12 Preview By AniTV Previews

Spy x Family (sometimes stylized as SpyxFamily) is an action- and comedy anime based upon a manga by Tatsuya Enou. It was serialized in Shounen Jump+. It quickly became one of the most beloved ongoing properties in Shounen Jump+, so an anime adaptation was inevitable. Studios Wit, CloverWorks are currently tackling the anime adaptation. It would be insulting to your intelligence as anime lovers to tell you about the anime shows these two studios made. As you are well aware.


Kazuhiro Furuhashi is the anime’s director. He has also served in similar positions on shows like Rurouni Kenshin, HunterxHunter (1999) and Dororo. This episode is also known as SpyxFamily Episode 12 or Spy Family Episode 12.

– SpyxFamily Episode 12 Review doesn’t contain spoilers –

Spy x Family Episode 12 Review – Bird Trouble

Spy x Family Episode 12 Review - Bird Trouble

Loid is our Best Spy Character. Despite having seen the show for three years, we still don’t know much about him or how he does it. Yor is also subject to the same fate, although she does get some segments that are focused on her interests her and not just her assassination her. Loid receives very little except that he helps Anya in some way for his mission her. Loid needed an episode that was not so focused on the mission.

Spy x Family Episode 12 wasn’t that episode. Although it was clearly an episode about Loid that told us more about Operation Stryx and his spy activities his, the storyline was still centered on his primary objective his. We didn’t find out anything about Loid, or any new information about him. Loid is as mysterious and unknowable as ever. This makes sense because he is a spy. However, it also means that despite being the main character, he is not the one we root for.

Spy x Family Episode 12 Review - Bird Trouble

Anya and Yor take the spotlight from him in every scene he is in. This speaks volumes about Yor ‘s character strength his, but he is also a disadvantage to Loid. While he’s a fun character to watch, when the series ends, he’ll be the one most forgotten. He will have to be there, and although it won’t really be a big loss since we don’t really care about him, he is still an interesting character that deserves more.

This episode included a lot of the things we love and a few new developments that will benefit the series’ overall health. Anya is learning how to use her powers her for good. It is high time. It is an interesting aspect of the show that Anya has a power, and its use her can be more beneficial. Anya is more than a cute, tiny character. This is precisely what makes her so special. It was amazing to see Yor use Yor, and it demonstrated a subtle connection between them.

Spy x Family Episode 12 Review - Bird Trouble

The episode’s first segment was about Loid trying to save his family’s trip and a whole nation. It was the best segment. This is because the second segment was not very good. It was both useless and harmful to Yor and Loid’s characters. It was a time-filler that didn’t have any artistic merit. The episode was nevertheless quite enjoyable.


Verdict Spy X Family

Spy x Family Episode 12 was a lighthearted, entertaining episode that did not offend anyone.


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