Stone Ocean coming to Netflix

When the premiere of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean officially dropped on Netflix in December 2021, fans of the iconic anime series were blown away by the marvelous adaptation, applauding the series for how well it kept up with the hype of the original source material. What’s more, the long-awaited arc’s cast and crew did a stellar at bringing this show to life, which only made the binge-watch for this Netflix series even more enjoyable.

Fortunately for fans, we don’t have to say goodbye to this anime just yet because the highly anticipated second installment of the Stone Ocean Arc is coming to Netflix very soon. How soon, you ask? We tell you everything that we know so far below.

When will Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean part 2 release on Netflix?

Mark your calendars because Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean part 2 is confirmed to be arriving on your Netflix screens later this year!

Check out the official announcement as well as the teaser trailer for part two via @NetflixGeeked here.

As mentioned above, a total of 10 episodes will be in the upcoming release. Though the episode count is two episodes fewer than the first part of the arc, we are expecting the second part to, at the very least, match the release date of the first, meaning it’s fairly likely Stone Ocean part two will release in December 2022.

Of course, as the exact release date for the second part has yet to be announced, be sure to take this information with a grain of salt. As always, we will update you once we know more. Until then, read on to learn what you may be able to see unfold in the soon-coming installment.

What will Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean part 2 cover?

Being that this arc is closely following Hirohiko Araki’s manga, we expect the Netflix series to pick up from where it left off—with Jolyne Kujo’s (temporary) crushing defeat and with the malicious plans of Pucci, the arc’s main villain, still being carried out .

Part two will most likely cover Pucci’s plans to retrieve the Memory Disc, the important piece needed to obtain the soul of the late, great Jotaro Kujo. Additionally, we should see the adaption of the eleventh story arc in Stone Ocean, Kiss of Love and Revenge aka Ermes’ Revenge.

We’ll have to wait until later this year to know what’s in store for us in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean part two. But, no matter what, we know it will be worth the wait.

Stay tuned for more information!


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