The Blacklist Season 9 Ending Explained: What’s Happened?

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The Blacklist Season 9’s finale gave viewers a glimpse of what season 10 might look like. The man responsible for Liz Keen’s death is now dead. This will allow the show to move beyond Raymond Reddington’s pursuit of revenge. Red will be dealing with serious consequences after Marvin Gerard’s actions. This is everything you need to know about The Blacklist season 9 ending.

Wujing returns in the Season 9 Finale of The Blacklist

Wujing returns in the Season 9 Finale of The Blacklist

In The Blacklist Season 9 finale, a familiar face returns. Marvin Gerard was being held in prison when he ran into Wujing, the No. The blacklist is number 84. Red was a member of the task force that took Wujing, an extremely dangerous assassin into FBI custody, in season 1.

Marvin is confronted by Wujing at prison during the season 9 finale. Wujing states that he is currently serving life without parole. Wujing has an escape plan. Wujing has a problem. He needs to get to court, but he can’t find an acceptable reason to have a judge grant him a hearing. Marvin provides Wujin the reason he requires.

Recap of The Blacklist Season 9 Finale

Recap of The Blacklist Season 9 Finale

Cooper questions Marvin in interrogation, but the attorney tells him he will only talk with Panabaker. Cooper asks for his Task Force his. He argues that he has the same resources and is just as reliable as Red and his team his. They come to an agreement, which results in Cooper’s charges being dropped. As long as Marvin is still alive. Red must be kept away from Marvin by the Task Force.

Marvin is waiting at the Calvin Coolidge Corrections Center. This facility houses other prominent villains like No. Assassin Wujing (Chin Han), 84 on Blacklist Wujing has a plan for escape but needs legal advice about how to get to the courthouse. Marvin gives Wujin the support he needs. Wujing believes that Marvin is working to help Red. He asks Red for his assistance. Marvin tells Wujing that Red is the one who had put him behind bars. Wujing is given a list of Blacklisters Red helped to put away by the FBI.

Park (Laura Sohn), and Dembe (Hisham Takfiq), are on Red surveillance duty. Red is seen giving money to a correction center security guard. Red is brought in by the guards and he tells them that he wants to enter the correction center via a contraband passageway. Red is to be met by the guard at the passageway. Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), takes Marvin to courthouse to sign his agreement his. The Task Force quickly disassembles jail’s secret entranceway. Marvin knows that he has a limited time before Red can reach him.

Recap of The Blacklist Season 9 Finale

Red calls Judge Carolyn Marquez (Lana Young) to ask for a favor. His father his owes him an enormous blood debt. He asks her to distract the judge, who is dealing with Marvin’s case. Marvin and Ressler arrive at the office. Marvin goes alone into the chambers of the judge to find Red waiting. Red reiterates his belief that Marvin was his subordinate his, and that he will never be in charge. Red says Marvin will not be freed from him. Marvin is released, but Red haunts him and he takes his own life his.

Cooper hears from Red about Marvin’s visit. Panabaker informs them about Marvin’s passing and tells them that Red is back as an FBI informant. Red will take a few more weeks to go with Mierce (Karina Arroyave), and Weecha, (Diany Rodrigues) home.


On the third anniversary of Liz’s death, the Task Force gathers at Liz’s grave and has a nostalgic time. Cooper reminisces about Liz’s first visit her to the bureau. Ressler admits that he didn’t like Liz at first, but she eventually accepted him. Park arrives and informs them about her medical condition her. It’s not a neurological issue after all. She’s pregnant! Park and Aram (Amir Arison), announce that they are taking some time off. Dembe recalls a young Liz having so much fun playing soccer and sharing that memory with the group. The group embraces one another in an emotional hug.

You will find Wujing on his way to the courthouse. He is informed by his contact that he has a plane ready for him to return to Beijing. Wujing informs him that they are not returning home. With the support of the other Blacklisters on the Marvin-provided list, he is going to kill Red.

Marvin Gerard’s legacy is alive and well as he seeks revenge on Red from the beyond. This will be the main plot for next season. Red will have to face the consequences of his actions his again. This reminds me of the death of Mr. Kaplan, which led to a literal skeleton in Red’s past being revealed. This makes me reflect on how Red treats his employees his. There have been many who have turned against him in one way or another. The Blacklist was renewed for season 10. However, there is no word on whether it will be its last season. We’ll just have to wait and see how Red handles the multiple Blacklisters.

Explanation of the Season 9 Finale of The Blacklist

Explanation of the Season 9 Finale of 'The Blacklist

Red finally has an audience with Marvin in The Blacklist Season 9 final. Red could have killed Marvin at that point, but he decides to wait and let Marvin go on his terms his. Marvin is released shortly after, and he kills himself in the car.

Marvin still has one last task before he ends his life. Before leaving prison, he addresses Wujing and reveals that Red was a CI who worked with the FBI for many years. Wujing is in prison with many blacklisters because of Red. Marvin gives Wujing then a list with blacklisters that Red has taken away.

The final scene of The BlacklistSeason 9 concludes with Wujing making his escape from prison. He reveals, however, that he doesn’t plan to return home. Wujing instead wants Raymond Reddington to die. Wujing is aware he cannot do it all alone but he doesn’t have to. Red has wronged many criminals, including Wujin.

ENDING tHE bLACK lIST with season 10

ENDING tHE bLACK lIST with season 10

The Blacklist showrunner John Eisendrath stated that season 9 would be the “final chapter of the Liz Keen story,” in an interview with TV Insider. Liz is now dead, and the man who caused her death her is also dead. Fans were left wondering about season 10, even though the show appears ready to move on without Liz.

Things are much clearer after the season 9 finale. TV Insider teased season 9 would end with “a revelation that places Reddington in greater danger than ever before.” It’s now clear that season 10 will follow Wujing’s plan to gather criminals Red has betrayed to bring down Red. It’s reasonable to assume that season 10 will feature a few new series regulars, given the departures of Laura Sohn and Amir Arison.


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