What’s the Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Watch Order in 2022?

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a one-of-a-kind anime that stands out from the crowd thanks to its bizarre style, meme-worthy scenes, underlying messages, and a plethora of cultural references. With that in mind, here is the best Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure watch order for your viewing pleasure, in case you’re not sure where to begin in this incredible masterpiece.

On that note, the shounen anime has been well received by the vast majority of viewers, to the point where they frequently recommend Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as a must-see.

If you’re new to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise, it’s natural to be perplexed because there are different protagonists in each part and/or season, which are set in different timelines and/or periods. After all, it is a generational story about the members of the Joestar bloodline. However, don’t worry for we will guide you in this article.

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About Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

As previously stated, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a story that spans generations. It focuses on the adventures of the Joestar bloodline, which are set in different periods throughout the anime. “Phantom Blood,” the first season, follows Jonathan Joestar as his villainous adopted brother converts into a vampire.

Season Two Battle Tendency, on the other hand, follows Jonathan’s grandson, Joseph Joestar, on an adventure to defeat ancient god-like entities known as “Pillar Men” brought about by Nazi operations. Meanwhile, Season three is titled “Stardust Crusaders,” and it follows Joseph’s grandson, Jotaro Kujo, as he battles the revivified Dio while also saving his mother from an untimely death.

Furthermore, Season four, Diamond is Unbreakablefollows high schooler Josuke Higashikata as he and his gang try to solve a mystery surrounding the death of a young girl and put an end to the perpetrator’s schemes.

season five of Golden Windon the other hand, focuses on Giorno Giovanna in a mob-mafia anime showdown in which everyone competes for the title of “gang-star.” Finally, Jotaro’s daughter, Jolyne Kujo, is introduced in Stone Ocean in Season six.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Watch Order

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure watch order isn’t as perplexing as everyone thinks. Although this is not an anime for beginners due to its strong theme, avant-garde character designs and styles, strong language, cultural references, and so on.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about the characters behind the iconic memes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, feel free to use this watch order! Basically, you just need to watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in the order that it was released.



No. of Episodes

Date Released

One Phantom Blood 9 2012
2 Battle Tendency 17 2012
3 Stardust Crusaders 24 2014
4 Diamond is Unbreakable 39 2016
5 Golden Wind 39 2018
6 Stone Ocean 12 2021-

On that note, Part 7 Steel Ball Run and Part 8 JoJolion will almost certainly be adapted in the future, so stay tuned for more Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime announcements.

Take note that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is not yet finished, so if you want a more in-depth experience of this amazing anime, it is advisable to read the manga!

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