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Coach Fukuda has some drastic news for Aoi. Despite the seemingly upward curve Aoi seems to be following along the past few episodes, accompanied by some really good wins, Aoi will not be playing the forward position on the team. What could be the reason? Let’s find out more in Aoashi Episode 17 Release Date.

Ao Ashi Episode 16 Personal Review & Recap

Ao Ashi Episode 16 Personal Review & Recap

today we are gonna talk about ao ashi episode 16 very fun episode this is i really really enjoyed this episode i am also shocked that there is so many time jump in this episode.

first of all we started off the episode straight away with a one week skip to actually show us what ashito actually learned from kuribayashi he learned about the head turning ability and let me tell you that head turning stuff is not only applicable in soccer.

but obviously in a sports itself in a such a high space sports obviously this head turning ability is gonna be utilized to the max but another place that you can actually utilize this head turning ability in your daily life is when you are driving.

Ao Ashi Episode 16 Personal Review & Recap

okay i felt like drivers nowadays like some people really need to learn about this head turning ability the ability to kind of like pick into the corner just to check for car pick into another corner to check for another car from another side this is really really important ability and ii want to brag a little bit okay.

but i and this also almost caused the failure of my driving test because i was so quick to actually pick the corner and using the corner of my eye i just pick over i am able to determine the road everything in a split second and my.

so when i actually turn out of a corner ii did not stop my car because after i picked this no car it is safe to exit so i immediately exit the the corner my my driver no not the driver instructor the the examiner actually was shocked hey you need to brag okay so it’s like i you should have looked before you go you definitely need to pay more attention that i was like ii watch it i saw i picked the corner okay i told the examiner but for some reason the examiner doesn’t trust me so he minus a mark for me for not actually picking the corner and after that i actually slow down i actually purposely stop and pick the corner like to show him that i actually see before i move okay.

Ao Ashi Episode 16 Personal Review & Recap

so this is stupid really dumb stuff but yeah like i said this head turning ability is very important when you are driving especially if you are driving in a major city where all the cars are driving in an extreme speed so with that being said.

let me just jump straight into the next thing and that is anri is actually helping up ashito here i’m really really surprised that anri is the one to the rescue today rather than hana.

but then again the problem ashito is facing right now is a soccer problem not a emotional mindset problem so it is very obvious that ari will be a better suited person to actually win to help ashito and anri teaches ashito the drill the basic drill of how to improve his head turning ability and oh angry also how do i say introduce ashito to a very very interesting stuff and that is to the the the way of actually observing esports i felt like this is this can actually makes a game so much more interesting because if when you you can watch any sports.


Ao Ashi Episode 16 Release Date And Time

Ao Ashi Episode 17 will air on July 30 2022. As for the date that the episode will be released, Japanese viewers will be able to view the episode 17 from Ao Ashi at 1825 hrs Japanese Standard time (JST). The US viewers will be able to watch this episode at 02:25 hours Pacific Time (PT)/ 04:25 hours Central Time (CT)/ 5:25 hrs Eastern Time (ET). For Indian viewers The 17th Episode from Ao Ashi will be released at 14:55 hours Indian Standard Time (IST).

Episode 17 from Ao Ashi will be rebroadcast via The Japanese Local Television Network, NHK E-Tele, next Thursday on July 03 at 19:20 hours (JST).


Watch Ao Ashi Episode 16 Online - Streaming Details

The latest Ao Ashi episodes Ao Ashi will be shown through NHK E-Tele, Japanese Local Television Network on a Saturday. They will be repeated every Thursday. The episodes will be accessible worldwide on various websites. You can watch earlier and most recent Ao Ashi episodes Ao Ashi online on Crunchyroll.


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