When Will Dota Season 3 Release Date ?

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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s third season is coming soon. Here are some details about the release date, episodes, and how you can watch it.

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Although Dota season 2 : Dragon’s Blood premiered in January 2022, Netflix has been hard at work to get the third installment of this adult animated epic fantasy to viewers’ screens as soon possible. Producers confirmed that Dota: Dragon’s Bloodseason 3 will be available on Netflix in 2022 during Netflix’s Geeked Week2022 celebration.

Based on Valve’s hit Valve game Dota 2, the animated series is based. Although not much information is available about the third season’s plot, Netflix’s Media Center has provided a general synopsis:

“The epic fantasy series follows Davion, a Dragon Knight who is dedicated to eradicating the evil from the face the world. Davion is drawn into a series of events that are far more significant than he ever could have imagined after encounters with an ancient, powerful eldwurm and the noble Princess Mirana, who is on her own secret mission of her.

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You want to know the release date for Dragon’s Bloodseason 3. Want to get a sneak peak at the new season? Keep reading to get the most recent update!

A short look at the animated series that was based on Valve’s hit game was displayed alongside a new image during Netflix’s Geeked Week celebration. Studio Mir animators, who also worked on the animated series The Legend of Korra as well as the Netflix movie The Witcher’s Nightmare of the Wolf , took to Twitter to tease the new season by sharing a short video of the Invoker (a character that has been in the series since the first season).

Based on the 2013 MOBA Dota2, Dota: Dragon’s Blood was premiered on Netflix 2021. It has seen two seasons, known as “Books”, air on the streaming service so far. The second season will be completed in January 2022.

The official synopsis for the Netflix series reads, “The epic fantasy series tells Davion’s story. He is a Dragon Knight who works tirelessly to eradicate the evil from the face the world.” Davion is drawn into a series of events that are far more significant than he ever could have imagined after encounters with an ancient, powerful eldwurm and the noble Princess Mirana, who is on her own secret mission of her.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood season 3, when will it be available on Netflix?

If you’re still not excited, Dota’s Dragon’s Blood season 3 is set to premiere on Netflix later in the year. The animation company behind the show’s success confirmed that it would be back on the streaming service on August 11, 2022.


What Could the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3’S Story Be About?

After a brutal battle with Davion, Slyrak is separated from the Dragon Knight. Kashurra kills Marci. Mirana is stunned by the encounter and inherits the Sun God Empress’ powers. A troubled Fymryn is also reunited with Selene.

Season 3 will see him continuing to fight for the causes he believes in, as his retribution is not yet complete. His ultimate goal his is to destroy the Goddess of Moon who has brutally persecuted rebel enclaves in the Nightsilver Woods. Fymryn was instrumental in Selemene’s rescue her. It will be interesting to see how Invoker’s warnings about the Goddess of Moon are handled in the next episodes. Fymryn’s motives are still unknown so the next episode should hopefully answer all questions and tie up any loose ends.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s 3rd Season in the Works!

According to Netflix and Studio Mir, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is not yet renewed for a third series. The show’s popularity has increased since its debut season. Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, even though Kashurra’s story was over. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will have a third season because of its popularity and the cliffhanger ending to the second season.

Dota Season 3: The Hype!

It’s still exciting to know that Dota: Dragon’s Blood content will be available after such a short period. Book 2 ended in a downer with terrible events occurring to several characters and the fates of the Universe still up in the air. There’s still plenty to see and do, thanks to posters such as this one Wykrhm Rededdy released when the show was first announced.

The demonic-looking character was the most intriguing. They almost look like Terrorblade has taken Selemene into his possession with their design and color scheme!

We’ll hopefully find the answers we need to all those questions about Invoker and Selemene. There will be more appearances by beloved Dota 2 characters. Are you a techie for Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 3?

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 has a new release date

One detail raised eyebrows about the announcement. The release date was announced on the Geeked week – Day 5 stream by Netflix. It was voiced over robotically.

This could indicate that the release date was altered, possibly at last minute. The recording of this event referenced Summer Game Fest, which took place yesterday. It seems that there may be issues with the release, but nothing concrete.


Let us know your thoughts about the series as viewers. Do you want to see the third part or is it just another anime series? Let me know what you think in the comments section.


You don’t have to wait for the third season, but you should. Complete the series before Dragon’s Blood Season 3 comes out.

The series also features the story of Davion, a dragon knight. The Knight is dedicated to Swab affliction all around the globe. This series comes from Mir. Ki Hyun was also a animator for animated series such as Voltron: Legendary and The Legend of Korra.


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