When Will Mars Red Season 2 Release Date ?

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Based on Bun-O Fujisawa’s stage reading play, “Mars Red” is a period horror-action animation. It takes place in post-World War-I Japan, one of the victors. Vampires are a common phenomenon in this world. As their numbers suddenly rise and an artificial source of blood becomes more available, the Japanese government creates the Code Zero military unit.

The anime received mostly positive reactions from critics following its debut. They were impressed by its bold creative style and willingness to embrace its theatrical roots. The first season of the series just ended. We have the answer for you if you’re wondering if there will be another season.

Mars Red Season 2 Release Date

Mars Red Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Mars Red” aired 13 episodes and premiered April 6, 2021. It concluded on June 29, 2021. Yomiuri TV Enterprise LTD produced “Mars Red” in collaboration with Funimation to commemorate the 50th anniversary. Studio Signal.MD created the animation. Shinya Sadamitsu and Kouhei Hatano helmed the direction team, and Junichi Fujisaku led the writing staff. This is what we know about the second season.

Season 2 is still in development. No official statement has been made to confirm or deny this. Fujisawa is involved with the ongoing publication of a manga series bearing the same name. He serves as the writer and Kemuri Karara as the illustrator. The first issue was published in the Monthly Comic Garden manga magazine on January 4, 2020.

Mars Red Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the ‘Mars Red anime was based on the stage-reading play. Season 2 and any future projects in the same universe could adapt the manga series, if and when the story goes beyond what is presented in season 1. Producers might also be able to take’Seven Deadly Sins and create a project that is based on a new story. It is possible that “Mars Red” season 2 could be released in 2023.

Mars Red Season 2 – Renewal Status

Mars Red Season 2 - Renewal Status

Although the storyline was interesting in its first season, there are many flaws. It takes place in post-World War I Japan where vampires are still present. Although the anime had some great action sequences, its choreography could have been better. The series received mixed reviews and scored a low score of 6.65 on MyAnimeList. It is very popular. It has over 99K members in its MAL Group and will soon reach the 100K mark. The series has many questions to answer.


There are high chances that Mars Red Season 2 will be renewed in the near future. The makers may take more time to evaluate its performance before giving the green light.

What’s next?

What's next?

The final episode of the first season’s second season featured a duel between Shuutarou & Maeda. The duel ended in Maeda’s death from sunburn. Shuutarou, on the other hand accepted his fate his and took Aoi ‘s blood her to transform into a vampire. He killed all the vampires remaining from the special units after the transformation. Aoi realises in the final moments that she is not from the same world Shuutarou.

Fans can now expect to see Shuutarou’s exploits in Mars Red Season 2. They will be able to learn more about Shuutarou’s vampiric nature. Suwa, Ayame and their American experience might be featured in the next installment. Aoi will still be part of the series but her role her may change in the second season.

Mars Red Season 2: Publication Date

Mars Red Season 2: Publication Date

Production of most anime series takes at least one year. Mars Red is likely to be renewed and will probably happen soon. Fans can expect to watch the first episode of Mars Red Season 2 during the second half 2023. This section will be updated as soon as the studio releases official information.

Mars Red Season 2: What’s the Story?

Mars Red Season 2: What's the Story?

Season 1’s finale sees Shuutarou and Maeda fight. The latter is killed by sunlight. Shuutarou accepts the fate of his life his and becomes a full-fledged Vampire by drinking Aoi ‘s blood, then killing the remaining vampires in the special unit. Aoi realizes that Shuutarou and she are from different worlds. Aoi flowers the spot where Maeda, Misaki died in the scene after the credits. Ayame and Suwa are shown in America. Tekuchi cares for the vampire children. Deflot appears on a stage and quotes Shakespeare about the world being a stage. Before adding that they (the Vampires) are “outside all of that.”

Season 2 could focus on Shuutarou after he accepts his vampiric nature. Aoi will most likely remain part of the plot in some way. The next season could also show Suwa’s and Ayame’s experiences in America. The next season might also show their interactions among humans, vampires, and locals. A subplot about Deflot ‘s life his as a theater actor and his influence his on the people around him will be another.


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