Why Did Eren Attack Mikasa? Why Did The Hero Turn Evil?


Why Did Eren Attack Mikasa: Eren, Armin, and Mikasa are the most loved trio, but fans left startled when Eren attacked Mikasa. It left fans wondering why did Eren attack Mikasa? A lot had happened to him. He becomes genocidal, manipulates a young boy, and wants to wipe out the entire planet, excluding his friends his. But the most heinous crime he did was trying to kill his sister his.

In Attack On Titan Season 4, he revealed that he hates Mikasa, which left her in a vulnerable state. Eren also accused her of being attached to him. He believed the Ackerman clan bounded to protect the royal family members, and they had no choice but to follow it. It bounded him to stay with her. But in reality, he did n’t want to be a part of her journey. It left fans wondering why did Eren do this? Let’s take a look at it.

Why Did Eren Attack Mikasa

What Really Happened?

Eren, his adopted sister Mikasa and friend Armin joined the military unit to fight against the Titans after one of the Titans killed Eren and Mikasa’s mother. They live in a city surrounded by three concentric walls that protect them from demons. However, the trio was curious to learn about the outside world. But after joining the military unit, the trio learned about the outside world and worked hard to eliminate Titans.

However, while trying to rescue the Trost District, the military made a tough decision. They asked Eren to use his Titan powers his to seal the hole in the wall with a boulder. But during his transformation his, he lost control and attacked Mikasa. In fact, he almost killed his closest friends and destroyed humanity’s finest soldiers. However, he was lucky enough to survive, as most people lose their limbs after attacking Ackerman.

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Why Did Erin Attack Mikasa?

The finale left fans with a question- Why did Erin attack Mikasa? Well, Eren was frustrated with Mikasa for being so overbearing and looking down at him before he transformed. So Eren wanted to prove her wrong by lifting the boulder. But when he used his Titans power his, it triggered his primitive thought his. His desire to prove Mikasa was stronger than closing the door. So instead of lifting the boulder, he turned to kill Mikasa. However, there ‘s a possibility that Eren is in deep sleep and his Titan form his is n’t in his control his.

Since Mikasa was the only person closest to him, his Titan form attacked her. But Titans are known to eat humans. So if he could n’t deal with his transformation her, he could have eaten her instead of attempting to kill Mikasa. Thus there’s a chance that he hates her. Eren hates Mikasa because she sticks to her her Ackerman bloodline her. Eren always wanted to enjoy freedom instead of being slaves to their bloodline her. Further, Eren could n’t possess the Founding Titan when his sister his awakened. Thus this justifies why did Eren attack Mikasa.

Why Did Eren Attack Mikasa

Final Word

Eren seems ready to explore the powers of Titan. He doesn’t want Armin and Mikasa to get hurt in this process. So this might be the reason why Eren told Mikasa that he hates her. In order to protect her. However, we hope the future installment will explore Eren and Mikasa’s relationship. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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