Why Does Kawaki Wants To Kill All Shinobi?

With Boruto: Naruto: Next Generations’ main plot about to start, I want us to look at one other thing that might help us understand its logic a bit. It has only released one chapter as the rest is just a rip off from the movie.

So we have seen nothing new, except for the first chapter. And we will use all the revealed information to answer any questions we have. So I am going to pick up facts from the First chapter, that will enable us to give theoretical answers to this question. Why does Kawaki want to bring an end to the era of the Shinobi? He wants to eliminate them all.

To begin with let us look at the situation at hand, only looking from chapter one. Konoha is destroyed and the one who did it is Kawaki. And from the scale of the damage, you can rank it at least on the same level with Pain ‘s Chibaku Tensei during his Konoha ‘s invasion his. From Naruto ‘s logic and given that Kawaki is a villain, it is their characteristics his to be this strong. And they usually have a reasonable motive behind their actions his.

So let us try to figure out what could be the motive Behind Kawaki and his plan to end the Shinobi’s era. It is obvious that he is already a Shinobi himself as that is the only way people acquire power in Naruto. Except for the Samurai’s that use swords. So being brought up as a Shinobi, something might have happened that made him resent them. This could be what made him want to get stronger so he can end the Shinobi era.

The thing is most likely to be war. Most bad guys usually lost their parents due to some tragic events like war. So it also applies in Kawaki’s case. He might have lost his family his and it has to do with the Shinobi systems. So it is reasonable to conclude that he has hatred towards all Shinobi.


As one doesn’t need to ask to see it. He is not the guy who would end the Shinobi to harness their power or chakra so that he becomes strong. There might be an unknown agenda he has with them, which is why he wanted to end them all. He appears to be like Sasuke in the way he talks. He does n’t go around the bush and is confident in his talk and powers his. As he made it sound easier that he had dealt with the 7th Hokage. And that dealing with Boruto will be a piece of cake to him.

Another reasonable theory could be that he completely wants a revolution. One where there will be no Shinobi at all so that everyone is equal. He might have noticed the power that Shinobi possess and maybe he did not like how that power influences the world. As you have already noticed it seems as the franchise is going into a Shift. Where the concept of power will be changing. We have all seen Boruto and Kawaki’s tattoos and they might have something to do with their new kind of power.

And from the device that Boruto used in his Chuunin exams, it seems as Chakra will not matter much this time. This could be the root of all Kawaki’s plans his. Like since Chakra used to rule and he has now found means to rid it, then he will obliterate all of it.

Based on the long “stick-like” thing that he was shown wielding, it is obvious that he wields a new power never seen in Naruto. And he might have recognized the way Shinobi get power from Chakra as a threat to these powers he has. He wants his power his to rule. And to do that he needs the Shinobi out of his way. We all know from the way that Shinobi respect Ninshu and its Chakra systems they will refuse to get power in Kawaki’s way. And because of this Kawaki plans to erase all Shinobi so his new powers his become the dominant one.

Now all the hints from chapter one are mostly covered. And don’t forget that this is just a theory I’m compiling from what happened in the first chapter. So it might not turn out to be like this. For the time being, let me look for more news to bring you later!


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