Why is Falco’s Jaw Titan different from Porco in Attack on Titan season 4?

Falco’s new Jaw Titan form has been revealed in Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 11, but why does it look different to Porco Galliard’s?

Attack on Titan has one of the most detailed universes in any anime series, with incredibly deep lore, backstories and context for the events unfolding on our screens every Sunday.

However, with such a complex universe comes a lot of confusion, especially surrounding the mysterious powers of the Nine Original Titans.

In last week’s episode, we finally got to see Falco Grice’s Jaw Titan in full action, but fans are curious as to why his new form is different to the one we were used to when Porco was in control?

Why is Falco’s Jaw Titan form different to Porco?

To put it simply; Falco Grice’s Jaw Titan appears different to the Jaw Titan wielded by Porco Galliard because Falco consumed the wine that was tainted with Zeke’s spinal fluid.

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Titan-shifters, ie, Eldians who can transform into Titans at will like the Nine Original Titans, are well-known to take on the appearance of their human forms.

The Female Titan can easily be identified as Annie Leonhart with her body type, facial features and long blonde hair. Similarly, Reiner’s Armored Titan features short blonde hair just like the Warrior-candidate alumni’s physical appearance.

With this in mind, Falco should have kept the main body type as Porco’s version of the Jaw Titan: a mainly quadrupedal Titan with special hardening around the face.

However, Falco’s Titan (after eating Porco in episode 78) features talons, notably longer blonde hair, a beak-like armored portion of the face and hair on his torso.

This is because his own features as a Titan-shifter have combined with the side-effects with Falco drinking Zeke’s spinal fluid to create a Jaw Titan that resembles a bird.

Interestingly, the first time we met Falco was in the battle for Fort Slava in episode 66 “The Other Side of the Sea”, he was talking to a bird flying high above the battlefield.

[Spoiler warning] In the original manga series, first depicted in chapters that are yet to be seen in the TV adaptation, Falco also sprouts wings and is able to fly; further demonstrating his bird-like features that originated with Zeke’s spinal fluid.


Who has wielded the Jaw Titan before?

Before Falco Grice inherited the Jaw Titan from Porco Galliard, the only two known previous wielders were Marcel Galliard and Ymir.

In the years before the fall of Shiganshina, Marcel, Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie are sent to Paradis Island. However, a pure titan stumbles across the young Marleyan warrior candidates and eats Marcel, the older brother to Porco.

The titan then transforms into a young girl called Ymir, who seeks shelter inside the walls until she joins the Scout Regiment in the same year as Krista. In chapter 50 of the manga, Ymir is able to save the Scouts by using the power of the Jaw Titan, afterwards retreating back to Marley.

The next time we see the Jaw Titan in action is in “The Other Side of the Sea”, where Porco Galliard now wields its power. Porco then assists in the battle for Shiganshina, but is brutally injured by Eren and Zeke – unable to heal himself, Porco allows Falco (who is now in his Pure Titan form after Zeke’s scream) to eat him.

An unusual link to Demon Slayer

This is not the first time that Falco Grice has gone viral on social media in season 4 part 2, with the community fascinated by the link between him and the main character from Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kanada.

This is because the two characters are voiced by the same person in the original Japanese audio, Natsuki Hanae.

Hanae is a widely successful YouTuber and voice actor from Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. The 30-year-old’s most notable roles have been in Dragon Ball Super as Jaco, One Piece as Grount, TenSura’s Yuki and Vanitas from The Case Study of Vanitas.

Interestingly, Isayama revealed back in 2017 that Falco’s character design was actually inspired by the Breaking Bad character, Jesse Pinkman.

You can find more information on both Falco and Hanae here.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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