Will Lilial Kill Baam? Release Date & Plot Details


After many chapters, the concept of Seolhyangwon came back to the table. In the last outing, Lilial’s allies were worried that the Princess might end up doing something irreversible. Her hatred her for Baam is seeing into the plans that her allies and father her have made. Elsewhere, the Po Bidau family is also taking all the fights in all seriousness. Fans will be able to see the developments in all these arcs one after the other. So, here is everything to know about Tower Of God Chapter 550.

In the next chapter, Baam and Lilial will appear once again. Even though the fight was called off last time, the Princess has no plans to spare the life of the man. Thus, she would conjure some other way of trapping the boy into a pit of death.

Tower of God Chapter 550

Tower Of God Chapter 550: What Will Happen Next?

Two separate storylines are taking place in the current act of Tower of God. In the first one, Baam and Lilial are engaged in a fight that the former is bound to win. On the other side, the civilians are trying to fight with Yama. The mad dog had found refuge on the legend tree of Seolhyangwon and was seeking revenge from any member of the Lo Po Bia family.

But the motivations behind the man’s actions are still not clear as of now. In the next outing, the fight will continue, and fans will also come to know the reason behind Yama’s hatred for Traumerei. On the other side, the plans of the Po Bidau family will also come to the surface one by one.

Tower of God chapter 550

Previous Chapter Recap!

Tower Of God Chapter 549 opened inside Lilial Zahard’s Floating ship. The fighters were walking with Mr. Ha Jinsung to check the situation outside the ship. But the fighters only cared about the fact that the Princess was out to ruin her relationship her with the family her if she was stubborn enough to defeat Baam. The chapter then cuts to the past story of Baam on how the boy was able to reach up the top ranks even after being a simple human boy.

In the middle section of the tower, the civilians were awed to look at the humongous tree called Seolhyangwon. The legend said that Arlen once used to live on this tree. One of the troop leaders decided that he was going to go up and investigate the tree. Surprisingly, Yama was causing all the havoc in the place. The chapter came to an end with a discussion taking place inside the Po Bidau family.

Tower of God Chapter 550

Tower Of God Chapter 550: Release Date

All of the fights and the conflicts will unfold piece by piece in the next outing. However, fans cannot judge who might appear as these fights continue. So, Tower Of God Chapter 550 will release in the next two days without any break. So, the final release date of the chapter is July 10, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get more intel on the same.



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