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I Shall Master The Family Chapter 74 will revolve around the aftermath of the medicine. Florentia had been working hard to cure her father her. She even asked Estira to come up with a cure, and they finally realized they needed bomnia flowers. So she asked Perez to bring them to her. But will it help?

It seems like it will. In the 74th chapter, Estira medicine will start showing results. Gallahan will talk to Perez and will thank him for everything he did. Estira and Florentia will have a word. Meanwhile, Perez will sit down with Florentia. Keep reading to know more.

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 70

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 74: What Will Happen Next?

Finally, Estira’s medicine worked, and now Gallahan is feeling better. He told Florentia that he was feeling light and better. He can move his hands now. After hearing his words her, Florentia burst into tears and hugged her father. She then spends some time alone with him and tells him how Perez brought the bomnia flowers while it was raining. Gallahan will be surprised to hear this and wish to see Perez.

Later in the morning, Perez will visit Gallahan and be glad to see him in good shape. Perez and Gallahan will talk, and he will thank Perez for risking his health his to bring those bomnia flowers. Meanwhile, Florentia will have a word with Estira. She will ask how long it will take to cure. But Estira has no clue about this. Later she and Perez will sit down for breakfast and enjoy their time together. He will be happy to see Florentia smiling and promise that he can do anything for her.

I Shall Master This Family Chapter 74

A Quick Recap!

Previously in I Shall Master The Family Chapter 73, Perez entered the mansion with the bomnia flowers. Soon everyone gathered and brought some towels for him and prepared the guest room. Florentia was helping him to dry his body his and called him stupid for not coming with a carriage in such weather. However, he remained mum and let her scold him. Soon Mr. Clerivan informed Florentia that a hot water bath was ready and now they should take Perez there. Perez then asked Florentia to send the bomnia flowers to Estira.

She rushed to see Estira, who was waiting for her. Florentia gave her the bomnia flowers and asked her to save her father her. Estira made the medicine and asked Florentia to wait for an hour to see whether the cure worked. So Florentia decided to stay with Perez. She spent her night with him and asked him why he had come. He could have asked his servants to send them. Later she started dreaming that her father her had died and the cure did n’t work. Soon Roril arrived in the middle of the night, and Florentia started wondering if perhaps her father her had died. She rushed to his room and found him cured.

I Shall Master This Family Chapter 74

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 74: Release Date

I Shall Master The Family follows a weekly release pattern. So chapter 74 will release on July 2, 2022. It will explore a blossoming relationship between Perez and Florentia. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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