Will Shigaraki Die? Release Date


The battle isn’t over yet. AFO will recover fast in My Hero Academia Chapter 359. Well, Endeavor did his best to destroy AFO with the help of other heroes. AFO came stronger in the previous chapter and created problems for Endeavor. Meanwhile, Bakugo came up with his deadly move his to hit his enemy.

Now Bakugo will fight hard to deal with Shigaraki. He will come up with a powerful move to defeat and destroy his enemy his. But something unusual will take place that will leave the heroes in a vulnerable state. However, someone will arrive to help them fight this battle. Keep reading to know more.

My Hero Academia Chapter 359

My Hero Academia Chapter 359: What Will Happen Next?

Bakugo has come up with a new attack named Cluster Bomb. So he’s sure that he can use it against All For One since he has been using it against One For All. But his attack has n’t touched Shigaraki yet. However, we know that it will indeed hit him hard and leave Shigaraki in a vulnerable position. Bakugo’s attack seems to have a great impact since the heroes are supporting him. But it doesn’t seem like it will be enough to kill Shigaraki.

Fans positively believe that Deku will return, and he will be the one who kills Shigaraki. But before that, Bakugo’s new move will be enough to leave Shigaraki injured. Meanwhile, AFO will transform, and his trump card his might help Shigaraki heal and gain the upper hand in this battle. It will be the time when Deku will appear and fight with Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358

A Quick Recap!

The 358th chapter finally disclosed Shigaraki’s whereabouts. Shigaraki was trapped in the flying land facing Sun Eater, Jeanist, and Nejiro. However, he was enough to keep these heroes occupied. Although Monoma and Aizawa erased his quirk his, he was still unmatchable. This is because his body his was made up of various quirks. Shigaraki believed that with such a body and his quirk his, he could create a whole new world where he would be the God.

But Bakugo had some different thoughts. He didn’t want to listen to Shigaraki’s nonsense and decided to hit him hard. Bakugo was fully equipped with weapons. He had one machine gun attached to his hard collar and carried numerous riffles. So Bakugo attacked Shigaraki with his weapons his and shattered all the quirks that Shigaraki was using against the other heroes. Bakugo came up with a new move named Howzer Impact Cluster Bomb, and he succeeded in injuring him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 359

My Hero Academia Chapter 359: Release Date

My Hero Academia follows an even release pattern. But unfortunately, the manga series will be on break and return next week. So chapter 359 will release on Sunday, July 17, 2022, on VIZ media, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jimp’s app. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.



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